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  • Shoggoth Lord on

    YES!! It’s up, and the next one is Alonzo Typer! XD

    *Glomps the Guys for providing awesome entertainment every week*

  • M David Cox on

    After giving birth, the mother said, “Boy, that was Murder!”

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Where the hell did he get a match??

  • Odilus Vlak on

    Hello guys! Maybe I missed some part of your speech, but… Wasn’t the book «The Serpent and the Rainbow» published in 1985 by the ethnobotanist researcher Wade Davis and the movie inspired by it didn’t come out in 1989? It seemed to me I heard you speaking about the thirties.

    I don’t know…Perhaps I’m a zombie. Duane Rimel surely got another resource. Bran stoker spoke about the haiti zombi phenomenon in his novel «Dracula».

  • Chad Fifer on

    We referenced Serpent and the Rainbow, but were referring to the Lugosi film White Zombie when we were talking about the 30s.

    I remember sneaking into Serpent and the Rainbow, so pretty sure that it wasn’t the 30s:)

  • Marcus Good on

    I’m tempted to think the “body” was that of an ape, although there wouldn’t be any apes in Haiti naturally. Well, non-human ones. But when has zoogeographic boundaries gotten in the way of a good story? 🙂

  • Shoggoth Lord on

    I had always assumed it was just being rescist because of the reference to the body being brought from Haiti, but the Gorilla idea is much more disconcerting and does sort of make sense since the Fellow’s side projects seemed to focus on cross-species transplantation.

    Then again, I think an ape-body would be awesome. Not only do they have huge muscles, but the way the muscles of the other Apes are arranged make them Five to Six times more efficient than Humans’. On the down side, Gorillas are hung like field mice. DX

  • Cambias on

    The oddity of the ape body being shipped in from Haiti is one argument against it being by HPL. He always did loads of research. My guess: a very successful Lovecraft imitation.

  • dave swan on

    I’m not sure whether this came up or not but the hero’s only got Andrews word for it that he’s got Lepracy, Andrews just could of said that because he was up too no good, I wouldn’t trust a bloke who’s got such an evil reputation.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    Man, Jasmine has a beautiful voice! You guys really ought to have her do a reading, preferably of a Dreamland story.

    This was a gloriously pulpy oul story. Kinda awful, but what a reveal, eh?

  • BreeLandwalker on

    Ah yes, good old tetrodotoxin. Slows heart rate and respiration to produce a sort of waking coma so close to death that it can fool some medical professionals and certainly most Joe Schmoes off the street. Derived from the humble pufferfish and still being explored today for medical use. (Haitian folk, meanwhile, had been ahead of that particular curve for decades.)

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