Episode 115 – The Night Ocean

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Vast and lonely is the ocean, and even as all things came from it, so shall they return thereto. In the shrouded depths of time none shall reign upon the earth, nor shall any motion be, save in the eternal waters. And these shall beat on dark shores in thunderous foam, though none shall remain in that dying world to watch the cold light of the enfeebled moon playing on the swirling tides and coarse-grained sand. On the deep’s margin shall rest only a stagnant foam, gathering about the shells and bones of perished shapes that dwelt within the waters. Silent, flabby things will toss and roll along empty shores, their sluggish life extinct. Then all shall be dark, for at last even the white moon on the distant waves shall wink out. Nothing shall be left, neither above nor below the sombre waters. And until that last millennium, as after it, the sea will thunder and toss throughout the dismal night.

The Night Ocean, by H. P. Lovecraft and R. H. Barlow

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  • Aram on

    This really was a bittersweet listen. I had already read The Night Ocean and was impressed by its quiet melancholy. Add to that the foregone conclusion of Lovecraft’s passing plus the nauseating spectre of Bath Salt Zombies and it made for a pretty intense episode. As usual you gentlemen informed and entertained throught it all.

    And Chris, don’t be so down on yourself. I quite enjoyed your narration.

  • kyle on

    Just do all the stories again!

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Really this is a very strange story. The first time I read it, it din’t impress me. But now, it seems to me that to much emotional and spiritual energy was involve in my reading. To me is a master piece of a prose poem more than a story. You can smell the prophetic atmosphere of it, regarding the point in which the Lovecraft’s mood was dwelling. The metaphors and the many association of images… are just mind-blowing.

    Damn it!… The whole experience was like to plunge into Lovecraft’s soul. All in all, it’s slow pace meditation through a glommy beauty. Moreover, there is the sad issue of the show’s end.


  • Enrico on

    Start with Poe please. POEdcast.com, edgarallanpod.com or whatever you want. We all love your analysis.
    Otherwise you can analyze some of the texts in HPL’s ” Supernatural horror in literature”… Do not stop this service

  • Genus Unknown on

    This story, or whatever you want to call it, absolutely blew me away. I’d even call it the best collaboration in HPL’s career (though there really isn’t a lot of competition for that title). Hard to believe it came from the same duo that gave us “The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast.”

  • Reber Clark on

    Wow this was a REALLY FINE show. I choked up a couple of times what with the impending death of Lovecraft, the beauty of the story, memories of Ray Bradbury and the wrapping up of the podcast. It has been a wonderful ride and I look forward to what comes next. Thank you, gentlemen, for including me in this absolutely gorgeous, funny and insightful adventure. May there be many more.

  • Dustin Heald on

    Great story, I am sad to see the podcast coming to an end. I must say, however, that I am excited because my favorite HPL story of all is up next. I am also excited to see whatever the two of you come up with next. I love the conversational tone of the show, even when you get off topic.

    Speaking of “off topic” I can’t believe you mentioned the Smog Cutter. That was my favorite Bad-karaoke dive when I lived in LA. It’s such a random hole in the wall that I almost did a spit take when I heard it mentioned.

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Wow, I’m the odd one out again. I was prepared to hear you guys slam this story front to back. I didn’t enjoy it. Yeah, it’s got “atmosphere,” but so what?

  • davoodoo on

    Cheek this out


  • Andres on

    I have been with you guys for a long time, and enjoyed your show incredibly.

    This was a wonderfully creepy story to me and a great episode. The thought of strangers, much less ones that are vaguely sinister, just sitting in front of your house, is pretty friggen terrifying 🙂

  • Jason Thompson on

    I love this story too. I didn’t realize before how big Barlow’s contribution was, but now that you mentioned it, it feels almost like a fan’s riff on common Lovecraftian themes (the ocean, cosmicism) but done so subtly, and without using any of the Cthulhu Mythos names, etc.

    Or, to put it another way:

    The Shadow over Innsmouth + The Strange High House in the Mist – obviousness = The Night Ocean

  • The Dunwich Whotist on

    It’s gonna be sad to see this podcast end. I know you’s are continuing with some other stuff afterwards, but I’ve loved hearing you two chat about this. I’m gonna miss it like hell.

    But about the story, I loved it. It’s so melancholic, but lovely, and it contains my favourite HPL quote ever (which you guys didn’t mention!)

  • jenny on

    Wow, I feel like such a dunce. You guys are all over this story, but it just made me feel bored and sleepy 🙁

  • Charlotte on

    Hey there–

    The boys mention a particular Andrew Leman story in this episode. Can anyone tell me where to find the story about the man in the football field? That sounds like something really fun.


  • DAL on

    My family and I are vacationing on Borneo right now. Yesterday while listening again to this podcast my son asked me to walk to the beach with him, so as soon as it was over we went.
    As may be expected, a a weird experience followed.
    The tide was low and the sun baked beach was quite littered. The waves were trying to push up something over the drop. I thought at first it was a coconut, but then something else pushed up from beneath. Trash? A box? Then a fish jumped as if to escape its grasp. At once I felt what I perceived in this fish’s movement the same need to move away quickly; feeling at once the horror at what I may find if I linger and the desire to preserve a mystery. Two parts of me did not want to know more.
    Then, not a minute later, south maybe 100 yards down the beach we saw three dogs and they saw us. They began to approach. Wild dogs around here are notorious. Outnumbered, we made a quick exit back to the road and crossed the busy lanes quickly as possible back to our house.

  • silorat on

    Really great episode, wonderful readings and selection of text.
    Glad I’m not the only one who actually felt a little choked thinking about the end of HPL’s stories, his life, and the podcast by this point.
    Wait. It’s at the door…

  • Rick on

    I really like this story it is the opposite of the typical Lovecraft story where the protagonist goes looking for the strange or compelled to seek the weird. This is the refusal to meet the call to adventure. The weird is happening, strange things abound and they present themselves to the protagonist, but the protagonist is too weary to pursue these clues. The will to seek, search, and explore is gone and the opportunity is lost and the mystery is never solved. It is a story about being too tired, too old, too beaten down by work and toil to pursue mystery.

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