Episode 117 – The Haunter of the Dark – Part 2

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We conclude our coverage of The Haunter of the Dark, as well as our coverage of Lovecraft’s stories.

This momentous episode is brought to you by The Muse of the Monstrous and Other Tales, a new collection of horror fiction by Stephen Jankiewicz.

Special thanks to Andrew Leman for all of his contributions over the past few years as well as this outstanding reading!

Like that opening jam? Check out Zeitgeist Zero!

And here’s Robert E. Howard’s biopic, The Whole Wide World.

Photo by Will Hart

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  • Ordinary Old One on

    What a ride it’s been.

  • Evil Jim on

    Wow, are we through them all already? It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that a friend gave me a CD-R with the first thirty-odd episodes for my birthday. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Thanks for all the great work, guys!

  • Erica on

    Woo! Nice surprise. I needed this.

    I gotta agree, I don’t think the ending was that ridiculous. I always got the impression he was almost under a compulsion to keep writing. The Lovecraftian compulsion. XD

    Kinda sad we’re nearing the end, but I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have cooked up next.

  • Andrew on

    After leaving a correction on the last podcast, I realised that was the only comment I’d ever left, which seemed a bit rude of me.

    So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the work you and your readers have put into making these podcasts so enjoyable. I discovered their existence the second time you had Ken Hite as a guest, quickly devouring all of the backlog at a rate of 1-3 per day until I’d caught up.

    Looking forward to the round-up next week and hearing about your future plans!

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Amazing body of work, guys! Thank you so much for all of it!

    Now I gotta go find a Dig-Dug machine.

  • Hanna on

    I knew this day would come. But I tried to avoid thinking it. It has been great journey and can’t wait the next episode.

  • John Burkhart on

    Gentlemen. It’s been a hell of a ride. My sincere thanks for all the eldritch goodness over the years. I know you’re not ending the podcast, but the last lovecraft story is a sad milestone to see past.

  • Simon on

    Sad that this is the last story. Wish there where more of them.

    By the way. Where is the link to the guy that provided the photo of the church?

  • Genus Unknown on

    So sad… I feel like playing “Taps” on a horn carved from the ivory of an unknown and unearthly creature…

  • Marcus Good on

    *drops into the Wailing Tiger position*

  • Adam on

    Great show! excited to hear what new twists and turns you are going to take next. Can you post the links to the photos of the church?

    Had a flashback to the Solid Gold dancers, my dad used to enjoy watching that show much to my mother’s chagrin.

  • John Kosinski on

    Very sad that it’s the last HPL story but wow what a great podcast! I’ve lost count to how many times I’ve listened to each episode, learn something new with each listen. Many thanks!

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    That `s not the last story nor show for me, but I feel it too.
    Had a great time with you guys and hope for as cool eperiences with your new direction. Good luck and thanks so far.
    And @Chris:
    Those Solid Gold Dancers are not bad, but if it comes to amorphous, mindless, flopping hordes, nothing beats the Jacob Sisters and their fabulous poodles!


    That `s the ultimate dancing Chaos!

  • John on


  • Devon on

    My Chaos Dancers

  • OxKing on

    What? This sould be the end?
    You may go on and bring a Episode on
    “The Lurker at the Threshold” and other stories based on the work of Lovecraft…

  • Michael Bryan Walt on

    Been awhile since I left a comment, so… NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Okay, now that I got that of me system… how about you gents keep going by doing opinion and reviewing the other authors who have written Lovecraftian tales. Pleaseeee! I know, I know, I’m whining, or maybe I’ve just failed my sanity check with the thought that I’ll never hear you two every Thursday.

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Great final show guys!… I’m sure that after The Old Ones take over this world, one of their best hobby will be to lisen this podcast.

    But I wonder… Who the hell is DR. DEXTER? And when o how he found the box in the steeple and not in the tower where it was originally according to Blake’s diary? Because when one of the reporter shot the feeble light into the steeple, he saw nothing but darkness. Was DR. DEXTER who tried to restore the tower to the absolute blakness of its tightly curtained days, with satin fragments and bunches of horsehair?

    And Chris… Maybe the thing in the steeple was an early vertion of BATMAN, flopping and bumping around because his undeveloped skill to fly.

  • Joe on

    Thanks for the show!

    By the way, I listened to this episode on the train today and ‘Solid Gold Dancers’ made me laugh out loud. Everyone around me looked at me like I was crazy.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    And that…was the end of the line.

    I’ve enjoyed this podcast immensely, guys, you’ve done the world a service with this! It’s sad to see this phase over, but I can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for the next chapter.

    I’m gonna have to just listen to ’em all again now!

  • ShoggothLord on

    I never found Blake’s writing on in the dark silly, either. I always felt He kept going because of the hallucinations and attemps at controlling His mind by Nyarlathotep. You get a hint that that’s the reason seeing as He keeps repeating “I am Robert Harrison Blake, and I am on THIS Planet!”

    I just wish You Guys went a bit into those last diary lines, because I always liked them. We learn the Haunter is Nyarlathotep, that it “Must get out and unify the Forces.”, and those few scraps of description before Blake’s horrifying end are so very interesting! Alas, “Que sera sera”, as the saying goes.

  • Alan Baker on

    โ€œI am Robert Harrison Blake, and I am on THIS Planet!โ€
    That has to be one of the most subtly terrifying lines in all of Lovecraft, an elegant and chilling snapshot of a mind besieged by the incomprehensible.

    I just want to echo the sentiments of the other posters. You chaps have given me hour upon hour of pleasure and fascination, made me laugh out loud and pause to think of HPL’s writing in a different way. I’m sure the man himself would be proud and touched to be the subject of such a genuinely affectionate homage to his life and work as these podcasts have been.

    Chad and Chris (and all your fantastic readers), THANK YOU. Like all your other fans, I’m looking forward to the wrap up episode, and to hearing what you have planned next.

  • Lambda on

    I still haven’t fully realized that this is the last story. I was a fan from the first hour, and I’ll miss the podcraft a lot. And yes, I will now go and listen to all 117 episodes again. And again…

    Still hoping you’ll do the Fungi from Yuggoth poems one day. They’re short, but oh sweet goodness are they interesting. Honestly, every single one of them would have been perfect as the theme of a full-fledged Lovecraft tale.

  • Cambias on

    Robert Bloch gave a creepy explanation of just who Dr. Dexter really is in his followup story “The Shadow From the Steeple.”

  • Cthulhio on

    I also would love to hear a decent effort at analyzing The Fungi From Yuggoth. That is my favorite Lovecraft work, although I enjoy most of his other stories.
    Also, nice work on the podcast.

  • JPG on

    Thanks for a great podcast guys. You two work really well together. Looking forward to the next project…

  • David L on

    Got my copy of The Whole Wide World from the 3 dollar bin at a discounter, years ago. Worth seeing for dramatized background on Robert E. Howard. I was telling a bookclub lady how the most prolific writer of the pulp era lived in a small town with his parents and before I could finish she cut in “Wonderful, I love hearing success stories like that, perseverance overcoming adversity and so on”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her how his story ended.
    In the future I see Chris and Chad silhouetted at the bottom of the screen MST3K style commenting on this film.

  • Bill O Cartoonist on

    Haunter in the Dark was my first Lovecraft story so this was a great personal finale to the podcast!
    Typical Hollywood having HP reduced to a Robert E. fanboy in their film “adaptation!” Thanks again to Chad, Chris, Andrew, and everyone that has helped keep the podcast going. As it has been rightfully said, you fellows have done inspiring work down to the details. (the new “Darkened” church this week was a great touch!)
    Have to say though, all this wait-and-see for the new podcast format/topic has got me humorously envisioning what horrific twist you could play on everyone to give the worst outcome for a podcast ever. Something that would create awesome fan backlash. (An Andrew reading Harlequin-Romance- Paperpacks-Podcast?)
    Anyway, best to U and thanks again!

  • Reber Clark on

    I liked most of The Whole Wide World. Some things just didn’t work, but the use of the Texas landscape and sound effects when Howard (D’Onofrio) is describing his writing to Miss Pryce (Ms. Zellweger) is very well done. Certain scenes fall flat – like when he is chasing her around a field with his car – the music doesn’t work and the scene is stiff and uncomfortable – but the scene where she discovers his work and shots of him wearing his gaucho get-up walking down the street are good. Howard may have been crazy, but I lived in that part of the country for many years (Arkansas) and if you’re a bit different or are trying to have and express original ideas then the places and many of the locals tend to work on you. Not all of them – there are quite a few bright spots – but there is darkness there, my friends, and it is out for blood.

  • Katie on

    Not gonna lie. I was a little misty when I started this episode. HPP was/is one of the best things on the internet, and I’ll miss it.

    That said…worms don’t flop, Mr. Lackey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cthulhuwho1 on

    The church photo is from my Providence photos I shot in 1990. You can see the church collection at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cthulhuwho1/sets/72157624113258400/
    And you can reach the rest of my Lovecraftian photos from there too.
    I must admit, I’m a little disappointed that a photo credit was not given for my photo…

  • Adrianaiswaycool on

    I may have missed it but I didn’t see any comments on here mentioning that the address Robert Blake gives as his own is an Italian restaurant. I’m too lazy to do any real research but I know I’ve passed by it plenty of times and even eaten there a few.
    I love this podcast and am disappointed in myself for not having found it sooner.

  • Ryan Thomas on

    As Julia Sugarbaker said, “THAT– was the NIGHT– that the LIGHTS– went OUT– in GEORGIA.”

  • Eric Adler on

    Personally I love the movie (The Whole Wide World), it’s a very interesting psychological portrait and I believe fairly accurate. All the scenes which Novalyne is in were taken from her book. I have some problems with the way his parents were portrayed, however, they seemed fairly idealised. In reality, they both tried to stop their son from dating Novalyne, probably because they were afraid of losing (their control of) him. My own parents were terrible but they were nothing compared to Howard’s.

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