Episode 119 – Special Thanks & Future Plans

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We end this chapter of the podcast by answering some listener questions, reminiscing about the last three years and announcing what’s next!

We’ll be off next week and releasing a full reading of a Lovecraftian pulp story by Fifer on July 27th.

We kick off the next chapter of the podcast on August 2nd!



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  • Gary B. Phillips on

    So happy that the show is continuing. Even more excited to hear that you’ll be covering The Yellow Wallpaper next month since it’s one of my favorite short stories. You guys are amazing!

  • Al Bruno III on

    Thank you for this show guys. Thank you for being a fun and informative listen and for being the MST3k of the Mythos.

  • Marcus Bone on

    Hi Guys,

    I’m not so sure about the podcast going to a pay model, especially after the great run you’ve just had. I don’t say that in a horrible or nasty way, but rather you’ve set the show at very high level already,better than most podcasts out there, and so delivering a perceived increase in ‘value’ to the listener (who now become customers) might be harder than you expect.

    Also, the other issue is that numerous other podcasts and other web-based services out in the market are also doing the subscription thing, which put your podcast into the same ‘pond’ as them and well mean that listeners are going to have to make hard decisions around those they take up and those they drop) which usually engenders bad feelings.

    Anyway, these are just observations from being a ‘consumer’ in the WWW market. I was wondering if asking for donations or a kickstarter type approach (i.e. you raise X number of dollars and release X number of recordings) might be better proposition?

    Thanks for reading my comments and rest assured that I mean them as simply observations as a dedicated listener and are in no way attacks or abuse. I wish you luck in whatever direction you take the show, and it is likely I’ll be around in some shape or form no matter where you go with it!



  • Jason on

    Superb wrap up show. Thanks for talking more about yourselves and a bit about the process of producing the show. Thrilled you’ve decided to continue, as my world would be just a bit more drab and dull without your show. Thanks for all the great work done, and high hopes for more to come!

  • Ian on

    Thank God that crappy stoner show is over.

    Good work guys. Was interesting to hear the talk about editing, it definitely pays off because it sounds like you’re in the same room. Still, I would like to see more stupid stuff slip through, I think one of the funniest things I’ve heard on the show was Chad’s ‘Right on’ after Chris was talking about someone’s death on the live show.

    I’ll continue listening for sure.

  • Dennis on

    I think HPL essay on horror literature is an excellent place to find more stories and authors. It’s why I started reading Arthur Machen who is often a lot scarier than Lovecraft himself.

  • James on

    I’ve been with you since the beginning, and I’m glad the last chapter isn’t written. I’d be happy to contribute $6.66 a quarter, especially since those numbers, in order, are in my birthday. But first, you have to publicly admit that David Bowie has iris heterochromia. I know he has said in interviews that he got into a fistfight as a teenager and is visually impaired in that eye. I know the pupils are unequal, but doesn’t iris atrophy cause an eye color to lighten? This came up in an early podcast, was it “The Town”?

  • Wayne Peters on

    Well, it’s been a fantastic journey and I’m really looking forward to the new-look show.
    I’ve been listening to the show since stumbling across a very early episode (5 or 6) and it’s one of the best Podcasts I subscribe to. I love the show enough that I drove several hours across country to attend the live show in Leeda and it was terrific to meet both of you and Andrew (and Paul aswell).

    The show works for me for a number of reasons. Both of you are clearly spoken, sharp and witty (seriously, I laugh out loud quite a lot) and even when you’re both being irreverant, your love for the material still comes through. The audio quality is great and you’re on time every week with very few exceptions – which is very rare and particularly impressive given the incredible amount of work that goes into each episode. You’re approach to the material is smart, but not high-brow. It’s just the right level for someone like me who is a sort of casual Lovecraft fan. Your show has gotten me to read a heck of a lot more of Lovecraft’s work than just the more popular stuff too.

    So there we are. If you’ve not vomited, I just wanted to say that it’s been terrific and whilst I’ve never been interested enough to explore wierd fiction much beyond Lovecraft, I’ll keep listening to the show anyway for the aforementioned reasons and i’m sure I’ll end up broadening my library because of it.

    Many many thanks for the past few years and here’a to many more ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Nick Curnow on

    Hi guys,
    I’ve been listening since the beginning, and I have have to say thanks for giving me some quality entertainment for the last three years, you have just been amazing, informative, and inspiring.
    I will be listening in, in the future, no matter the cost!
    Thanks again guys!

  • David Howarth on

    Hey guys, great show and glad you’ve decided to continue. I’m sure I’ll have some quibbles about choice of material to cover, once you branch out from the stuff HPL discusses in Supernatural Horror in Literature (I could do without REH, Bradbury, and Asimov for instance :-), but I plan to take the plunge and subscribe for at least the first quarter. Good luck!

  • Enrico on

    Hey, I suggested to go over โ€ supernatural horrorโ€ in my comment to episode 115,.on 6/24. Do I win a free subscription?
    Seriously, I am glad that the podcast will continue.

  • Stuart Kearns on

    Hey Chad & Chris,

    Thank you for opening my eyes (and ears) to terrifying vistas of unknowable reality. It’s been great. HPP has definitely been the highlight of my week over the past 3 years. Oh, and I am totally cool with the pay model. I know this has been a labor of love and I am glad to have an opportunity to help keep it going. If anyone gives you a hard time about it, tell them to go a shoggoth.

  • Genus Unknown on

    I’m a 300-pound depressive with all the energy of Steven Wright, but when Chad mentioned the color yellow, I literally burst into spontaneous dance.

  • wesley vanroose on

    wow guys it was hell of ride,and i am so glad to hear that you guys wil continue whit the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lance Miller on

    High marks and kudos to both of you! While I am sorry that this phase is over, I look forward to supporting the new series in August.

  • Andres on

    I loved your podcast, first let me say. They have provided me with countless hours of entertainment through the years, and I thank you.

    Also, let me say that the not-so-good stories are generally my favourites. Usually they are hillarious, at least to me, for example your work with The Electic Executioner and the like often had me laughing and scaring the people around me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mat on

    Thank you guys so much for this awesome podcast. You are both great and listening to you both has been a highlight of my week for years. The effort you put in is doubly appreciated and I really look forward to listening to the next chapter in this truly great series!

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Yes this is the end of a cycle, but it’s a blessing that you are in the willing to start another one, and what can be a better corner stone for it that the brilliant essay about the supernatural horror in the literature?

    Well said Chris, Lovecraft’s tentacles have reached everywhere. And thanks for the information about Klarkash-Ton’s podcast. I’ll start right now my own dream quest fo that so far unknown podcast, sice Smith really is my favorite dark fantasy writer.

  • John Rauchert on

    Just a shout out for Charles Crawmer’s Supernatural horror in literature podcast,
    which has readings of mostly Arthur Machen at this point.

  • M.R. Jordan on

    I’m so sad that HP Lovecraft is finished but the future show sounds awesome. I suspect you’re being a bit modest about the time you spend. The effort you put into this really shows in the end result so my first thought was, hell yeah I’ll kick in a few bucks. I’ll even show up with with bells on…. second thought, lets make that tentacles.

  • Rick on

    I recently discovered the podcast, and am working my way through it from the beginning. And loving it. But I was peeking ahead, and noticed you had gotten to the end of his writings, so I listened of this last episode out of order.

    I think your plan to explore the authors he mentioned his his supernatural essay is fantastic. I’ve been reading all those authors myself the past couple years, and completely look forward to it.

    Also, while I have not yet helped support the program, I’ve been planning to. Your plan of adopting a pay model is fine with me, and I will be one of your first subscribers.

  • Matt Toler (@mtoler) on

    Thanks again, guys, for providing us aeons of enjoyment and for carrying on after the first phase of the project.

    I’d like to mention three requeste:

    Some sort of music compilation from the entire run of the show would be a great thing to have. So many times there’d be a bit of music in the background of a story and I’d find myself wishing for a separate (and longer) standalone track.

    Second: Just requesting a PayPal recurring payment rather than just an iTunes subscription. I use a separate app for podcasts and would hate to have to go back.

    Third: Please consider keeping the HPL readings coming one way or another. I’ve loved ’em and would really like having more in my collection.

    Now, please take my money.

  • Matt Sheridan on

    Wow, your future plans are basically exactly what I was hoping you’d do! Thanks for three years of awesome, awesome episodes, and here’s to the future! I’ll be very happily subscribing!

  • ttownscott on

    I don’t have a problem with your proposed pricing strategy. I am a fan of subscribing to podcasts through itunes because the update automatically to my ipod with no management on my part apart from the first subscription. After doing a quick search it looks like iTunes does not support paid podcasts. I’m probably a small minority because none of the previous comments have mentioned itunes. Is it possible to have a paid advertising free version and free version with ads or sponsorship so that you can retain your itunes distribution?

  • Jason Thompson on

    I think it’s totally cool for you guys to switch to a pay model! You gotta stay in business somehow, and I’ll totally pay the $$$ (more like $, really)!

    Incidentally, since now you’re going to be exercising some editorial discretion of stories to cover rather than impossibly trying to tackle “all” horror stories the way you tackled all of Lovecraft’s work, I hope you choose some sucky ones too instead of just classics. Your podcasts of terrible Lovecraft stories were some of your funniest! Of course I don’t mean to condemn you to a lifetime of intentionally reading awful horror stories– you two have a way of getting the humor and charm (and scariness) out of stories regardless of their literary quality, and I’m sure that just as there are going to be undiscovered gems in “Supernatural Horror in Literature,” there will be plenty of mockable stories even among the ‘classics’. Especially once/if you go into post-Lovecraft Mythos fiction. (The old Arkham House “Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos” would be a good place for dipping-the-toes-into-the-pool…)

    Basically, just keep on kickin’ ass! Your show is great!

  • unas on

    Love your podcast! Will be more than happy to support you by paying for subscription.

    Ditto on paypal. I run Linux and do not use itunes.

  • AntoineD on

    I can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time and effort to make such an amazing show. Not only is HPL one of my all time favorite writers, but the love, dedication and talent you guys brought into making each episode is truly amazing. Also, as someone living overseas, I don’t have many chances to share my love of genre fiction very often and listening to the ‘cast week after week was like having two nerdy friends I could catch up with. I’m so sad to see that the show is ending, but I can’t wait to hear what you guys have cooking up in the future. I’ve never been willing to pay for a podcast in the past, but for you guys, I’d be willing to make an exception!

  • Andrea on

    Hi, guys,

    Congrats on a fantastic three-year run! I’ve listened to you from the beginning and loved the podcast from the start, but have also been tremendously impressed by how much the show has progressed over time.

    You’ve aided me through the nameless horror of housecleaning for three whole years: for that, alone, you’ve got my gratitude.

    Echoing a response that appeared above, I generally won’t pay for podcasts, but hello? How could I pass up the kind of awesome you have planned. Plus, I’d miss you guys. And you deserve a bit of cash for your work.

    If you ever do your “Back to School” series, I’d LOVE to help out. I’m finishing my Ph.D. In English from UCLA, specializing in the medieval period, So I could definitely help out with Beowulf and Chaucer. I also am one of those odd people who adores Wuthering Heights. Keep me in mind!


  • Black tribble of the woods with 1000 young on

    Since you’re going to a pay model, I’d prefer you ignore any badly-written stories, unless they are of the so-bad-its-good variety (e.g. The Electric Executioner). A lot of the free podcasts on the lower-grade stories and collaborations of HPL I have ignored, even for free, because I have no interest in s**tty stories.

    P.S. Make sure you do Chambers’ The Repairer of Reputations as well as the Yellow stories.

  • Matt on

    Chad and Chris,
    Thank you both for countless hours of wonderful distraction as I work at home, your humour , insight and comic book references have brought me much pleasure. I look forward to the next chapter of the podcast!

  • Dark Wanderer on

    iTunes no. PayPal yes.

  • […] Hey. I love HP Lovecraft’s body of work, well, most of it, and Chad and Chris over at the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast have just finished going through every story he ever wrote in detail. The show has been three years of excellence and now they are moving the podcast into connected but new and awesome territory. I highly suggest you check out the site, download and listen to a few if not all of the old shows and prepare for more awesome to come. HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast show for July 12, 2012 […]

  • TENTACLII :: H.P. Lovecraft blog on

    […] After three years of great free listening, the H.P. Lovecraft Podcast presenters take stock and consider future plans. […]

  • Barrington Womble III on

    I’ll skip all the praise, because it’s the same as what everybody else has been saying; I’ve greatly enjoyed the show over the last 3 years, love the more in-depth discussion of the stories I know so well, and getting to know you fellows has been a real pleasure. I feel as if I’ve been going down on you both for years. In a namelessly eldritch way, I mean.

    But listen, I’m on Linux. No iTunes for me. And I will totally toss in $6.66/qtr. for a recurring PayPal subscription, but I can’t support iTunes.

    Peace out, and something involving the word cyclopean.

  • Psuke on

    Another request to have an option alongside the iTunes. Loved your show for ages, and would like to continue listening (even as a paid podcast) but I don’t do iTunes.

  • Ash on

    I remember when you guys started and I thought what the hell is this, I could listen to that maybe if I was high brow enough. I didn’ listen then but since 6 months to a year ago I started listening to you most weeks and really enjoying the show. Have beenw orking my way through I am Providence the past 2 winters also. Hooked. I’ve got to pay my credit card off so I’ve just cancelled all my subscriptions. I’m hoping once I get that done I can keep two outgoings open. This podcast and The Silver Lodge. Any chance you can make subscription 6.65 or 67. Anything but that number. Msny folks are superstitious who read this stuff so you might get more if it’s not that unlucky number. Just my thoughts. Good going on the show. I7m enjoying the back shows now all the way back to The Tomb.

  • ash on

    Yeah finally Wuthering Heights. It’s a girls book and it’s also the only book I have ever set fire to after being take thorugh it at high school. Aghhh, bad book, I agree.

  • Jonas on

    Excellent, excellent show! One of the hosts at linuxbasix.com mentioned your show when they were listing the favorite podcasts in their feed. As a result, I started listening about a year ago and just had to go back and listen from the beginning. Very good work all the way through.
    I’ve really enjoyed the history that goes with the timeline of the storeis as well as how it relates to current movies and other works.

    After this show, I stopped by to click the subscription button, but it’s not here yet.
    I too would like to nominate paypal as the subscription service. I really would not look forward to having to install a VM of Windows just to subscribe via iTunes.

    Thanks again for the awesome shows! I’m looking forward to many, many more.

  • Chris Lackey on

    It’s just going to come out the same way as it always has. But when you attempt to download, it will ask you for a user name and password. And that’s it. We’ll give more details, but you’ll pay through our site, not iTunes.

  • Stephen Verba on

    Yours is the only podcast I would fit into a demanding career and full family life. The proposed fee is entirely reasonable. The proposed agenda is entirely intriguing.

    In the end, it is your personal chemistry together that makes it all work. Thanks!

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    And that…was the end of the line.

    I loved this podcast so much, you giys are awesome.

    Yeah, I’ll come out and say it – paying sucks, but if it means being able to listen to you guys, then I have no trouble to doing so.

  • Sarah S on

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast; it’s given me an appreciation of Lovecraft that I don’t think I would have taken the time to achieve on my own.

    This has really helped me to read Lovecraft all the way through, and now that I have a more solid understanding, it does help me understand some things better and see some other connections I might not have.

    Thank you so much!

  • Monster of the Wabash on


    I am so excited that you are going forward, and your plan sounds fantastic. I love the show, your intelligent and humane personae, and I will be one of the first to sign up for the very cheap pay episodes! Thanks for many hours of pleasure and for more to come.

  • John H. on

    On the move to a for-pay model:

    I am one of the people who probably will pony up for the podcast, sine $2.22 a month isn’t really very much. But….

    I have misgivings about the move, and indeed on the appropriateness of paying for podcasts in general. One of the reasons the show has spread so far and well is because, being a free thing, people like myself and Artw over at Metafilter have been able to post things about it without misgivings about the thing being a mostly for-pay enterprise. The moment you bring a locked, money-or-there’s-stuff-you-don’t-get kind of thing the dynamics of a lot of things change; this is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to bring myself to contribute or link much to the HPLHS, for instance. And I got interested in the show during a time when I didn’t even have $2.22 a month to contribute; if you guys had gone with the fee from the start then I couldn’t have found out the show was good enough to link to.

    Of course it takes money to produce a show like this, and further than that I really think you deserve money for producing it above and beyond the amount needed to make it. But it’s definitely a move I can see costing you a percentage of your subscriber base, permanently, even if the fee was a penny a year.

    It also raises questions about, if someone ends up letting the fee lapse for a while (for whatever reason) then picks it back up later, will there be a way to gain access to the skipped episodes. I tend to listen to HPPodcraft in bunches of several episodes at a time — it doesn’t feel like a good idea to pay for something one doesn’t want to listen to immediately, but letting a backlog pile up to listen to later, such as on long trips, might not be possible.

    I wish you good luck with the podcast in the future, and I will be on board for at least the first three-month period. I hope the switch works out well and that my concerns are unfounded.

  • Will on

    How important is this podcast to me?

    For the last week & half I was home from work with a screwed up back. The 3 sources of relief were a frozen bag of peas and laying flat on the couch with an iPod full of your casts while eating Sun Chips.

    Thanks for pulling me through, and thanks for all your work to bringing Lovecraft fans and like-minded fans together to enjoy and enhance an experience that was unique.

    Looking forward to subscribing to your future!

  • hppodcraft on

    Just so you all know, you don’t need iTunes for the podcast subscription. You’ll get a special feed and you slap that into whatever player you want to use. Easy as pie. OR you can just download from the site. No podcatcher necessary.

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