Original Fiction – One Small, Valuable Thing

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One Small, Valuable Thing was written and read by Chad Fifer.

Warning: some language may be inappropriate for younger listeners.

This story, as well as Snack Time by Chris Lackey, will be available in the Lovecraftian-Pulp anthology Shotguns vs. Cthulhu, coming soon from Stone Skin Press. You can pre-buy through Stone Skin’s Kickstarter project here!

Music for this reading was provided by The Human Aftertaste from the film Pickman’s Song.

Production and additional scoring by Chad Fifer.

Please tune in next week for our first show covering Supernatural Horror in Literature!

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  • dave swan on

    That was really rather good, more personnal and emotive than lovecraft, the old man sprinting away on all fours gave me the willies.

  • HattonJ on

    I listened to the story while driving in to work this morning in a steady, sometimes heavy, rain. The sky was lit up occasionally by distant lightning.
    But as I waited at a red light you were finishing up the story and a perfect, beautiful ripple of lightning squiggled down the sky on the horizon straight ahead of me, followed immediately by the crack and peel of a super loud thunderclap… Just after the last line of the story ended.
    Cleansing bolt of lightning and everything… great story!

  • bluecthulhu on

    Fantastic! Loved the pace and weirdness and of course, the tribute to la shining trapezohedron!

  • taratemima on

    I was enjoying the references to Charles Dexter Ward (“He’s a metalhead or super Jewish or something”-heh)

  • FadderO'Malley on

    Excellent story. I was laughing my ass off at the beginning, and completely enthralled towards the end. Loved it, can’t wait to hear more Fifer originals.

  • jon carroll thomas on

    Terrific! Super fun and creepy!

  • Chris Hutson on

    That was a good story, I listened to it at work yesterday, and even in the hot sun, it was creepy.

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Excellent reading of a story I didn `t like sooo much, but that `s more due to the fact that I `m not a great fan of that hard-boiled action genre. No complaints about the writing itself and it sure is a good piece of hard-rocking fun-fiction. You can feel how Chad is neck-deep into all of the wham! and bam! and slam! stuff. And that is what brings the fun to me.
    One thing that caught my eye is that part one could very well stand alone as a story, and I think it would be a better one. More mystery and stuff…
    So that would be my question to Chad: Was there such an embryonic version you reworked for the compilation or is this an „original“? Just curious.
    And of course: Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  • The Ragi on

    That was actually quite good. The old man gave me the creeps from the start.

    The protagonist is a bit of a Chuck Norris, and I totally didn’t expect the happy ending, but the psychological effects of the supernatural on the main character were very interesting, and the action was well-written (or spoken). Nicely done.

  • Sam on

    Really enjoyed the story. I’ve been reading “You Shall never know security” on and off since I got it through this podcast, and I can’t help but see similarities between you and J.R. Hamantaschen. The personal, psychological kind of stream-of-consciousness style mixed with the weird fiction is present in both – but I like how this is much more pulpy and Lovecraftian. …Your narration was really great too, I like your Grace voice.

  • wesley vanroose on

    that was one hell of good storie man,great job,hp.lovecraft wood be proud man 🙂

  • Bill O Cartoonist on

    Loved it. What a treat this week. This show has always distinguished itself by the personal touch of the people that put it out. It takes real guts to put your own story out there, and too read it too. I loved the ending, and the last line really got me. Great job, Chad.

  • PRV on

    I really liked the story, specilally the part were the woman says that the ruby is staring back at her. Something tells me the future aint too bright for our protagonists.

  • Sean Liddle on

    Most cool Chad.. MOST cool..

  • J.R. Hamantaschen on

    I lurk around here (as some readers know), and, in addition to the usual and expected congrats to my pal Fifer, say thanks to Sam for reading my collection. I hope at the very least you read the concluding novella, “There Must Be Lights Burning Brighter, Somewhere.”



  • mik parkin on

    I haven’t read or heard any of Chad’s stuff before and I wasn’t sure what to expect as i started listening. I thought it had everything, sympathetic but murky leads, mysterious antagonists, a slow burn, a massive crunching finale and me wanting more.

    This has tipped the balance towards me getting a paid subscription to you boys. Seeing as you gave me this for free its only polite to subscribe.

    One other point. I love reading but I don’t get much time to do so. if you did an audio version of Shotguns Vs Cthulhu, I’d be shelling out for that too.

    Good work Chad.


  • Samwise on

    Hey J.R. Hamantaschen,

    I am really enjoying your stories so far, and will definitely read them all sooner or later. But I will make it a point to read “There Must Be Lights Burning Brighter, Somewhere” next! Thank you for that!

  • J.R Hamantaschen on

    No problem. Feel free to email me at jrtaschen@gmail.com.

  • tom morganti on

    Very impressive and very weird. Elements of Terrible Old Man, Randolph Carter and Haunter of the Dark as well as CDW; very cool, you have a voice and should do more like it. But that dog…was it REALLY a dog?

  • A Lazy Sequence: Summer Reading on

    […] Shotguns vs Cthulhu is an anthology of “Pulse-pounding action meets cosmic horror … from the rising stars of the New Cthulhuiana”. Overall an enjoyable collection, as with any anthology there are going to be some stories to your taste, and others that are not. Shotguns vs Cthulhu is no exception. The stand out stories were by Kenneth Hite, and Chad Fiefer (full reading available on Fiefer's H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast). […]

  • Akeel Ahmad on

    that was a brilliant story, so evocative, and I can see that old man as he changes – i can see it in my head. Poor Grace

  • Matthew Adams on

    Wow! That was a fun and beautifully narrated story! The voice, effects and writing made me seem to get into the main character’s head.

  • Noah P. on

    Super late to this episode but nice story! Living in eastern Iowa myself really added a sense of familiarity to the landscape and atmosphere that I imagine a New Englander would have when reading Lovecraft. However I must point out that there isn’t a sizzler within a thousand mile radius of Davenport! Have you forgotten your Quad City roots? Anyway, the story was full of fun twists and the reading was enjoyable.

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