Episode 120 – Supernatural Horror in Literature – Part 1

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We dip our toe into Lovecraft’s greatest essay!

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Want to know about how the world can be destroyed? Check out Phil Plait’s Death from the Skies.

Next Episode: Robert Chamber’s The Repairer of Reputations from his book The King in Yellow!

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  • FadderO'Malley on


  • Joel on

    Phil Plait’s book if fantastic, for the record.
    My copy of the annotate Supernatural Horror In Literature is on its way!

  • Ian on

    This is going to be a long series if we’re going to go at about 8 sentances a month.

  • Adam on

    Great show! My girlfriend even liked it, she shares Chads sense of impending doom when good things happen.great commentary from you both on lovecraft’s treatise.
    6.66 is a steal. You both deserve the support happy to pay.

  • Peter Etherington on

    This was one of the most interesting shows you’ve done, so much stuff in that essay! Insightful and fascinating discussion and only 3 paragraphs in. I’m looking forward to the next 22 years as you get through 3 paragraphs a month!

  • Robert on

    Are these episodes available for downloading?

  • John on

    There is actually an entire podcast dedicated to this essay…readings of stories & discussions of them…pretty awesome stuff.

  • Odilius Vlak on

    As incredible as it may seem, this is the most amazing reading jorney of all the opus of Lovecraft literature. I can’t even cound the number of good authors I’m right now enjoying thanks to that treatise.

    As for the “puerile freudian symbolism”… it goes without saying.

  • Sean Liddle on

    When good things happen to me, I too wait for the other shoe to drop. Pessimism and cynicism rock!

  • Reber Clark on

    This essay is the cornerstone. I loved this episode and hope that the “in-depth-ed-ness” continues throughout. Well done.

  • Horse Power Hateart on

    “Who’s tricking me?”

    Amazing. Potential epitaph?

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