Episode 123 – The Yellow Sign

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We’re joined by reader Andrew Leman as we try to get a purchase on The Yellow Sign!

Fifer feels like the watchman has this look.

Wanna see a great HPL imitator live out Poe’s greatest fear? Here you go, from Vampyr.

Also check out Chris’s cool graphic novel Kickstarter project, Transreality!

Get back with us next week as Andrew takes us on a historical stroll through the 1890s!

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  • John H. on

    Goddammit I’ll subscribe, but only if there’s an option NOT to auto-renew! I’ve been waiting for that option for weeks, where the heck is it?

  • R.Y. on

    You mentioned “Dead of Night” movie. It is one of my favorites. I won’t spoil it but there is a short story in that movie that relates to the “Room for one more…”.

  • Chris Lackey on

    John H. You can just sign up, then immediately unsubscribe. Then it will run out at the end of the 3 months.

    We had the other option, but it jacked up our whole system and it would require a whole overhaul.

    Also, you are warned before you are charged again and you can opt out before that happens.

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