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  • Keith McCaffety on

    Great show, guys! I always liked this story. Can’t wait for Monkey’s Paw!

  • Rob on

    Since I last used Paypal I’ve forgotten the answer to my security question, and my credit card number has changed.

    So serious question, as we both live in the UK can I just send Chris a check for the year instead?

    I’ve never found it so difficult to spend twenty quid in my life!

  • Rob Northrup on

    There’s a full radio play version of Yellow Wallpaper starring Agnes Moorehead on the old time radio show Suspense. (Actually once in 1948 and another version in 1957.)

    She’s known for playing Endora on Bewitched, but she has major street cred for playing Citizen Kane’s mom, appearing in several of Orson Welles’s other feature films, was a member of his Mercury Theater repertory co, and originated the part of The Shadow’s love interest Margo Lane. She didn’t play a major role in the 1938 War of the Worlds Halloween broadcast, but supposedly provided some of the screams.

  • Evil Jim on

    This may be my first comment but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Heather’s reading on this one. So much so that I’ve listened to the podcast a couple more times now just to hear her segments. I would definitely donate to a ransom of she were to record a full version of this story.

  • […] The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkin Gilman (Wikipedia) There are parallels between this story and the short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by American Writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman which was published in 1892. This story was also recently examined in detail by the HPPodcraft. […]

  • Kane on

    Your wife should read the whole story. I love her interpretation.

  • Craig on

    I believe that the lead character is extremely unreliable from the get go. She’s the only one pulling off any wallpaper, but she writes in her journal as if the room was already in poor shape. She remarks that “the bedstead is fairly gnawed!”, and then less than a half page later admits to biting off a piece! Did anyone else catch when John remarks that “the repairs are not done at home”? My theory is that the woman has already suffered a terrible breakdown and done something quite destructive, maybe started a fire, or something of that nature. That’s why she’s not allowed to roam the country house unsupervised. Of course, her husband is hopeful that the stay in the country will do her good, but it doesn’t pan out too well. I think that if he really knew how insane his wife was, he wouldn’t dream of sleeping next to her. Once it becomes apparent, he’s so shocked he pulls a Lovecraft (slang for a faint). A great story, with some truly unsettling moments. Thanks for including it.

  • […] her favorite reading for which was Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic short story “The Yellow Wallpaper“. She can be found online at […]

  • Jesse Teixeira on

    Hah! I had to read this story in high school! Never once suspected it was a quasi-Lovecraftian tale, but then I wasn’t as versed in his work back then…

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