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  • Bill on

    I am REALLY surprised how little effort Chris put into this. The commentary on the story from Chris is simply him repeating how he doesn’t get it. Okay, WE get you don’t get it. Are you here to analyze the the stories that influence Lovecraft or just phone it in. This story, like all Weird fiction, requires imagination. If you can’t feel the creepiness of the pitch black woods in the night, or unknown forces within, then I wonder how you have been able to enjoy other stories in the past? Really disappointed with the lack of effort on such a great story.

  • Nadia V on

    Totally agree with the previous comment. Major disappointing episodes. Too much of the ”we’re such modern people that we don’t get these freaky old writers. What a world!” stuff for my liking.
    The language in The Willows is evokative and beautiful. We don’t really know what happened and it’s a wonderful feeling.
    I agreed with HPPodcast and A Podcast to the Curious about Le Fanu’s The Familiar, that one was a hard story to get into. But this one wasn’t that heavy.

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