Episode 146 – The Were-Wolf – Part 1

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AROOO!! Time to hit the classics, kids – we’re into The Were-Wolf by Clemence Housman!

  • Thanks to fantabulous reader Rachel Ford Lackey!
  • Get a hold of up the rip-roaring Lovecraftian comedy-thriller Deadbeats before it gets a hold of you!
  • Or, even better, get a hold of Chris himself at the Manchester Travelling Man, where he’ll be hanging out and signing copies of Deadbeats with illustrator I.N.J. Culbard – February 16th at 1 pm!
  • THE SOUNDTRACKS ARE HERE! You can now download the podcast soundtracks Volume 1 and Volume 2, each with 3 bonus tracks, all newly-remastered, for only $7 a piece. That’s 70 tracks total, over 2 hours of creepy goodness. Get into it!


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  • Ben Jackson on

    I’d really like to listen to this show, but as the Witch House site won’t let me sign in anymore I’m out of luck.

  • David Larsen on

    Time for a quibble. He said reverse bladerunner, not reverse Deckard. Bladerunners are not known to be replicants, even though one might believe, ala Ridley Scott, that Deckard is one.

  • qbauer on

    Hey guys, tried to register five times in your forums, and gave up after the system kept telling me I was getting the Captchas wrong. Is there a way I can be manually added? I was going to post about Hodgson’s Voice in the Night being one of the creepiest weird stories I’ve ever read. So there you go.

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