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  • Totemcaster on

    It’s shame you guys didn’t like this story that much, E.F. Benson is actually a pretty decent weird fiction writer, he wrote one story called ‘Caterpillars’ which is incredibly strange and creepy. He had two brothers who also wrote stories, A.C. and R.H. Benson.

    If you want to make up for hating this story, do ‘Caterpillars’ sometime if you’re lost for a story to do- it’s MUCH better.

  • Andy on

    I’ve read a large collection of Benson’s stories and don’t consider this as one of the best. The scariest one was “How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery” and “The Horror Horn” is great as well. The thing about Benson’s stories — they’re rarely GREAT, but they are consistently good in a way that few weird fiction writers achieve I think.

  • Adrianaiswaycool on

    I think authors use their initials because their names are too long to print.

  • James on

    Not as scary as “The Sanctuary” – but this has a haunting quality. Benson has a definite gift for suggesting without stating, even when he is not scary. There are other goats than Pan; that is what makes this story so frightening.

  • E. H. Johnson on

    It is definitely a proverb that warns against a misguided assumption that the natural world is intrinsically benevolent and that suffering can be avoided indefinitely.

  • E. H. Johnson on

    Or perhaps more of a parable.

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