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  • uair01 on

    Hi, I’ve listened to all your recent podcasts and I noticed that although all the stories have a certain “gothic” feel they never touch upon any Christian subjects, like good and evil, devils, daemons, hell etc. (Like in The Monk by Lewis.) Is that because of the Industrial revolution and the turn to science and materialism? Or is it because of Lovecraft’s personal preference for materialistic stories? Are there any stories from this period that do uses Christian themes? Or was that time over already? I’m sure this has been discussed to death in literary criticism …

  • uair01 on

    I just noticed that you mentioned the Statanic evil – versus Cosmic evil difference in your podcast on the Great God Pan, part 4, near the end. Interesting subject that would be worth exploring further.

    And if you like a good classic read with many horror-like themes then look at the introduction to the Golden Bough by Frazer. Any indications that Lovecraft read that? There is a great reading of that introduction on Librivox. Worth a listen:

  • qbauer on

    I hope you guys end up covering more writers in Lovecraft’s Weird fiction circle, including Howard and Smith, and maybe even covering some of the later Arkham House stuff. I know there is a Smith podcast, but I’d like to see you guys tackle it as well. I’m enjoying the Supernatural essay work, but overall it doesn’t compare with the earlier stories. I also miss the interviews and exchanges with guys like Hite and Leman. Still easily worth the money, though!

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