Episode 152 – Negotium Perambulans

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It’s giant scary worm time! Dig on Negotium Perambulans by E.F. Benson!

Special thanks to our reader, Jason Rainbird!

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(And, as always, you can pick up a soundtrack).

Up next – Ambrose Bierce month! We start with The Damned Thing, then move on to The Death of Halpin Frayser.

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  • Eric Topp on

    You guys seem hung-up on the frequent mentions of servants in these 19th century stories. Domestic servants were commonplace among middle-class households up until the First World War.

  • Rob B on

    “I ate my dinners” is a reference to the practice whereby, in order to qualify as a barrister, one had to join and dine a certain number of times at one of the ‘Inns of Court’. This remains part of the qualification process today.

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