Episode 153 – The Damned Thing

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Ambrose Bierce month kicks off with The Damned Thing!

Special thanks to our reader, Mr. Steve Brewster!

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  • David Larsen on

    Would you go out and chance an encounter with the Damned Thing armed with only birdshot? Quail loads? I don’t get it. Old coot had a death wish. Speaking of death wishes, Kat VonD and Deadmau5 are having an undersea wedding inspired, so I read, by their shared love of the Call of Cthulhu. Don’t call up what you can’t put down, folks.

  • Mike on

    Hey guys…long time fan first time poster. Just want to say thanks for all you do. I know I am YEARS behind in the podcats (Does Sanders become President in the future). I run a Fate Core game based on the Achtung Cthulhu system and you all have made me up my game. Please let me know when you will be live in NorCal

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