Episode 161 – The Body-Snatcher

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Outstanding actor and Oscar nominee Chris Sarandon joins us this week to read Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Body-Snatcher!

Want to learn more about Burke and Hare? This is the internet – there’s a web site dedicated to them!

Our opening sample was from the film The Body-Snatcher, an early Robert Wise flick and a tour-de-force by Karloff. Check it out!

We’ll be back next week with The House and The Brain by Edward Bulwer Lytton. Subscribe to tune in!

(And don’t forget to pick up our graphic novel Deadbeats while you’re at it; or even a soundtrack!)

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  • uair01 on

    Recently I’ve discovered this interesting book on Project Gutenberg. Have you ever heard of this author? He was new to me but the book is quite good and full of 19th century decadent ideas. A bit old fashioned but surprisingly fun to read:

    Là-bas by J.-K. Huysmans

    Quite an interesting writer:

    Lovecraft knew and admired his work:


  • Nick Barton on

    I’m catching up with these stories so my reply is a little behind. I agree with you that the ending reveal of this story is not exactly scary, but I don’t think the point of the haunting is to scare. I believe, considering that Stevenson made it a point to describe the new corpse as ‘already dissected,’ that the reason for the haunting was to ruin their business. The implication is that they will no longer be able to get a good corpse, as it will just morph into the last corpse they sold, and it’s useless. This is just what I got out of it, and I hope it helps in your enjoyment of the ending of this excellent story.

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