Episode 178 – The Wendigo – Part 2

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Burn, baby burn! We’re doing a bit of swift traveling again with The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood.

We managed to capture Andrew Leman in the wild and make him do an awesome reading! Go buy things from HPLHS to reward him!

(Photo below is of Andrew from the set of the short film The Land of Cain, in which there are many scenes of Mr. Leman in a tent, afraid of supernatural forces lurking in the woods outside… WATCH IT HERE)


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  • Ryan Thomas on

    A different song comes to my mind, not the Disco Inferno that burning feet of fire bring to mind for Chad. Admittedly, Chad’s connection is more understandable :). For me, I hear the voice of Vicki Sue Robinson “Turn the Beat Around”, turning Defago upside down high overhead, hearing percussion of hooves hitting hard dirt. “Love to hear it, love to hear it…”

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