Episode 181 – Fungi from Yuggoth – Live

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Happy Halloween! Tune in as we examine Lovecraft’s sonnet series Fungi from Yuggoth – live in Providence!

Once again, we’d like to thank all of the Kickstarter contributors who made the show possible.

Next week, we’re back with another free show – it’s The Suitable Surroundings by Ambrose Bierce!

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  • Dan on

    I’m a broadcast engineer by trade and have done several podcasts, so I know what it takes to do live recordings. Still, wht was the last one you did , from Providence just so terrible sounding? I know several people that just couldn’t listen to it because it sounded so bad. It sounded like there might have been a PA there, with mic’s. Why not get a feed from the PA console and record that for the show? It sounded like a recorder was held in the air somewhere in the crowd. At least they could have sat by one of the speakers… Oh well, you sound great in your usual productions. Keep up the good work and work on the problems. Many thanks.

  • hppodcraft on

    Believe me (this is Fifer), I wish we’d gotten a better recording. Given that it was a conference we only had moments of set up time after the last panel, and a direct line from the PA wasn’t possible. So you’re right, we were just recording the room, with all the dull, muddy acoustics and electric interference. We weren’t happy with how the sound turned out but that was our best capture of the show. I’ve recorded plenty of live events but the nature of this one made it difficult. Definitely learned our lesson:) Thanks for saying what I’m sure plenty of folks are thinking.

  • sgdurango on

    I’ll second the disappointment with the sound quality of this episode. I did listen through the whole thing though and it was such a well done, thoughtful treatment of such a great work and featured (as usual) great readings from Andrew that it was worth it!

  • Fred Kiesche on

    What was the name of that app? That linked Lovecraftian locations to your location via GPS?

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