Episode 182 – The Suitable Surroundings

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Get into The Suitable Surroundings by Ambrose Bierce!

Get some books from Fedogan and Bremer, NOW! Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth is great!

And don’t ever play poker again without these Cthulhu playing cards. Actually, don’t ever play again. There’s something wrong with you.

Thanks to reader C.S. Humble!

And don’t forget to check out our round table from this week: Mainstreaming Cthulhu.

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  • Concerned Citizen on

    “Thank to reader C.S. Humble of CCP Comics!”

    Please fix the typo.

  • Emma on

    I listen to you when I go to sleep. It’s like falling asleep while your friends are drinking and kicking back in the next room, very relaxing!

  • pirsquar on

    As someone who has difficulty falling asleep, I’ve found that podcasts are a great way to relax.
    The Podcraft even more so, because the volume is constant, without jarring audio transitions and sound effects (mostly).
    Also if I fall asleep during an episode, it gives me an excuse to go back and listen again! 🙂

  • Greg Sturman on

    I agree with you that ‘The suitable Surroundings’ is an extremely bizarre story. I assumed that the note found upon Marsh’s body, which is quoted verbatim, is different from the manuscript that is burnt by Breed’s relation whereas it seemed to me that you were implying them to be one and the same. Presumably this destroyed document would’ve explained its apparent ability to startle someone to death.

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