Episode 188 – Who Knows?

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Demaupacember continues with Who Knows? – the most batshit tale we’ve conquered to date!

We are pleased to once again be joined by reader Jon Hancock, master of tailside fires!

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  • E. Byron Nelson on

    (Sorry, I had posted this on the comments for the wrong show.)

    Hi, I’ve solved the mystery of the “musical, and fairy-like drama” the narrator sees: “Signad” is a typo (presumably a product of text-conversion) for “Sigurd.” The original French has “Ce jour-là, on avait joué Sigurd au théâtre de la ville.” Now, it seems likely that the Sigurd mentioned here is this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigurd_(opera). The only purpose I can see of this reference is to mark for the astute (contemporary) reader that the story must take place in the mid to late 1880s (and maybe also to suggest that the narrator has broadly been put in mind of magical goings on?). Anyway, mystery solved!

    Love your show!

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