Episode 199 – The Vampyre – Part 1

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March is for Draculas begins with The Vampyre by Dr. John Polidori. Bleh bleh bleh!

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What’s up next week? More DRACULAS!

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  • calvin chow on

    You guys need to read The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers… Byron, Shelley, Keats, Polidori, vampires, poetry, awesomeness…

  • Dan Wiley on

    The King of Ska singing about the Queen of the Damned. Love it, and love the podcast! Great job, guys!

  • JB on

    Even though I’m new to your podcast… I love that you covered Polidori’s “Vampyre”… I recently released my debut novel where Polidori AS the vampyre is the protagonist. His story and the conspiracy behind it always intrigued me, so it’s nice to see this little known father of the vampire tale get some recognition! Keep up the great work

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