Episode 211 – In the Abyss

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Creatures from the Black La-June kicks off with In the Abyss by H.G. Wells!

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The documentary on James Cameron’s deep sea dive will be out this August – Deepsea Challenge!

This Thursday, the fishiness continues for subscribers with The Harbour-Master by Robert W. Chambers – tune in!

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  • Jim Davis on

    The guys link to “In Search of the Unknown” by Chambers. Does anyone know which chapters comprise “The Harbour-Master”?


  • hppodcraft on

    The “Harbour-Master” was reprinted as the first FIVE chapters of In Search of the Unknown – it’s the only version available online.

  • Jim Davis on

    Thanks, I finally figured it out. I searched for “harbour-master” with no results which threw me. I finally thought to search for “harbor-master” (no “u” in harbor) and that did the trick.

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