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  • Sam Gafford on

    Always glad to see someone keeping Hodgson’s work alive! Keep going!

  • Bill on

    Next: the Night Land!

  • David Malcolm Sommer on

    Shamefaced Astronomers Confirm Hodgson’s ‘Green Sun’ Theory

    ‘Hodgson vindicated,’ admit scientists, as authorities warn of imminent Swine-Thing invasion

    (Arkham) Startling new evidence from Miskatonic University proves “beyond the shadow of a doubt” that radical concepts developed by the obscure English author and bodybuilder William Hope Hodgson provide the most accurate framework for understanding the universe, according to a hastily assembled panel of the world’s leading astrophysicists and large-animal veterinarians.

    In advance of a full report to be published next month, the scientists warned that the Outer Monstrosities are not to be trifled with, and also strongly advised rural homeowners to avoid any suddenly appearing giant pits (particularly if swinish noises are heard).

    Thaddeus Flaut, co-host of the website “W. H. Hodcraft dot com,” celebrated the news by imprisoning his spinster sister and climbing onto the roof with an elephant gun between his teeth, while falling-into-pits expert and sometime Brown Jenkin portrait artist Kris Butler (who had earlier roasted Hodgson over the author’s ignorance of scientific discoveries made several decades after his death) tugged on his collar, gulped, and owned as how “Hodgson was into science after all. I’ll be a Byakhee’s uncle.”

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