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  • David Leingang on

    Hey guys. If you’re interested in a good oldie timey version of The Canterville Ghost, check out the 1944 adaptation by directors Jules Dassin, Norman Z. McLeod. My mom had me watch this when I was 10 years old and I never got it out of my head. Great movie for its time.

  • David Leingang on

    Hey guys, a great adaptation of The Canterville Ghost is the 1944 version directed by Jules Dassin, Norman Z. McLeod. My mom had me watch this when I was 10 leading me to read the story. 18 years later I can’t get the movie out of my head. Good stuff, thanks for covering this awesome tale.

  • David Leingang on

    Damn work wifi… sorry for the double post.

  • Jay Hails on

    As always, you two are absolutely entertaining. A highlight of my week. I’d like to point out a key element of the Wilde story that I think you both missed. Rather than contrasting nostalgia with practicality (as Chad asserted), the story is poking fun at the perceived Amurrican ignorance of any value beyond crass commercialism. As a Canadian, the target of Wilde’s satire was recognizable to me on my first reading of the story, back in high school.

    Please know I’m not accusing all Americans of blindness to any solutions but name-brand ones–only of a reputation for such. The rest of the world sees this simplistic, bumptious made-in-the-USA mindset as something America embodies and exports. Wilde’s story is a clue that the reputation dates back at least as far as Victorian times.

    Please keep the podcasts coming. More theme months, please! And I’d like to request more readings from Heather and Rachel, if they have the time. I think they’re my favourite readers.

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