Episode 239 – The Money Diggers – Part 1

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Happy New Year! Janu-Irving is at hand! Join us as we talk about Hell Gate and Kidd the Pirate from Washington Irving’s The Money Diggers!

Thanks to our reader Kip Barnes! Make sure to grab his new book, Beer Lover’s Southern California.

And, of course, don’t forget THE MONSTER PARTY – all new music from last years shows!

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  • Brian Bowes on

    Great job guys!

    I really loved all the cultural history stuff on Irving. It was fun to hear about Gotham, the Nicks, and the blessings of George Washington!

    I wonder too,what the connection between Gotham and Arkham is… if any.

    Excellent podcast, I hope that you’ll do more on Irving even after Janu-Irving is up!

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