Episode 251 – The Ghosts of the Future

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Join us as we cover The Ghosts of the Future by W.J. Clinton! It’s a weird one!

Special thanks to reader Jon Hancock!

Fifer’s soundtrack to The Call of Cthulhu RPG is now available: SENSE-IMPACTS – pick it up! As always, soundtracks from the podcast are available here.

Next week: The Wind in the Portico by John Buchan.

Post Comment 17 comments on “Episode 251 – The Ghosts of the Future

  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    I’m really interested in this one, but the link to the text points to a Showbiz Pizza Place Commercial from 1983 on YouTube.

    Is this a really cruel April Fool’s? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    Ahahahahahaha. You bastards.

  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    P.S. Nicely played, gentlemen.

  • Jim on

    “LaRou Hall was destroyed in a rock-and-fire explosion”


  • Ryan Dawson on

    I came here to playfully comment that the author of this story apparently predicted the existence of Chuck E. Cheese.

    I completely bought that it was a real story until I tried to click the link.

    You bastards.

  • hecto castro on

    You bastardos, I was doo creeper out by the story and excited, I even told my wife about it when, and then find out it was a joke , it was a good story and a creepy one too , thanks for reliving my nightmares, damming showbiz pizza

  • William Hobbs on

    Nice. I totally fell for it. Love the show guys.

  • Yrvi on

    ๐Ÿ˜€ You must have been so surprised that so many of us fell for it! I thought it was a little bit more,.. jocular than usual, but yeah, I bought it too! Thank’s for a wonderful prank!

  • Yrvi on

    Relistening to it, and it’s so obvious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rick on

    Sounded legit to me, at least no more far-fetched than some of the other short stories that have been on the show. Well done.

  • Todd on

    Nice one, you creeps! In hindsight if this was a real story I think Chris would have made a bigger stink over how horrible the ending was.

  • W.M. Bartleman on

    I thought this was great and you guys had some real quotable lines from what you wrote for this. Great job. Wish I was a little more caught up on my podcast feeds – it didn’t even register with me that it was for April Fools at first.

  • John on

    Catching up on pdcasts a month late… and you got me. Amazingly well done! I was completely into it until the very end.

  • Ethan C. on

    Wow…I didn’t get this until right now. Note the date I’m posting. Nicely done. Wow, I even told that story about you searching for the author ‘W J Clinton’ to my wife, believing it to be true. Wow.

  • Jacob K. on

    a year later and you are still getting people with this. I had a very serious conversation with my wife about how fucked in the head accurate this writer was. Bravo gentlemen bravo.

  • Jeff C. on

    I know what you did last April 1st.

  • Nadia V on

    Omg, I took it for a real story, I thought it was totally crazy. I even skipped it the first time, I was like, not more of those types of stories.
    Eating cheese like little mice should had told me something.
    Iโ€™ve no idea what these kinds of chain restaurants are, it did sound like a weird depressing future.
    I love how serious Jon Hancock said the last lines, in my second hearing itโ€™s comedy gold.

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