Episode 254 – The Wondersmith

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Fitz-James O’Brien kicks off the evil toys genre with some serious malignancy – it’s The Wondersmith!

Thanks to our reader C.S. Humble!

We’ll be back in May with some ROBERT E. HOWARD!!

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  • Sciguy on

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    First, the sale-to-weight ratio. Shipping costs are calculated partially from the physical dimensions of the shipping piece, but primarily from the weight of the carton to be shipped. If you have a 60 lbs box that only contains 60 sellable items, a lot of your margin on the books gets eaten by shipping costs. If you by for $7 and sell for $10 (a 30% retail discount is fairly common), then paying $1 per book for shipping eats a third of your margin.

    Second, it’s the source of the product you’re ordering. If you don’t have an all-inclusive distributor, you have to order 20 books from one place, 50 from another, and 40 from one more. If they were all coming from one place, that’s about 2 full “mixed” cartons. If you’re ordering from 3 different publishers, that’s at least 3 partially filled cartons, maybe 3 partials and one full. The more cartons you ship, the greater your shipping costs balloons. If you have a distributor, you save a lot on shipping, but then the way the margins work changes a lot.

    And of course, since you have to pay for the books before you can sell them (typically, anyway), every book sitting on a shelf is a loss until you sell it, so keeping a good stock and selection is detrimental to your store unless you can sell through them. Anyone into self-publishing knows how hard it is to get a book into a Barnes & Noble and that’s why. So yeah, operating a small mom & pop book store can be really rough.

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