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Join us for a very special, super-sized episode of the show covering the epic poem Beowulf!

Thanks to all of the Kickstarter supporters who made the show possible.

Special thanks to our reader, Andrew Leman, and our composer, Reber Clark.

EXTRA special thanks to our illustrious guests, Mr. Bob Hanske and Dr. Catherine Batt!

You may download the Beowulf theme here. Please credit any usage to Reber Clark.

More notes to come. Stay tuned for info on this year’s Kickstarter for live shows in Providence and Chicago!


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  • Elliott James on

    Here is a great programme from the BBC on Beowulf from their premier history series ‘In Our Time’ series. Three academics discuss the poem:

  • Rachel Lackey on

    This episode was so fantastic! I found it fascinating, moving and of course funny. I wanted to hear so much more from all of you. High fives across the board everyone – experts, reading, music and Chris and Chad on top form. Dr Batt reading Old English was a real highlight. Loved it.

  • Bob on

    It was a good point about Mediterranean cultures giving women as gifts whereas Northern ones stuck to giving gold.

    What wasn’t made clear is that the Northern lads only wanted gold so that they could buy Mediterranean women.

  • Attila on

    Hey guys.
    Great episode. Love you work. Nearly an hour of HP Literary podcast goodness. The guests recording were something new and fresh. Maybe you could continue it.

  • Brian Bowes on

    Oh man, just finished listening to this episode! SOOOO GOOOD!

    I’m not a big literature guy, but this has definitely got me thinking! I really loved that C.S.Lewis quote at the end… “let the sea breeze of the past blow through your mind.” That’s good stuff!

    I really liked the addition of the guests, and I hope that if you decide to do something like this again that you’ll let it sprawl out over a few episodes!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Serenanocturna on

    Awesome addition to your wonderful podcast! Thanks so much for your guests, such able teachers. My only addition to it all is the suggestion that, as wonderful as Reber’s compositions are, the enduring master of such Hero-music must always be Wagner’s music for “Seigfried” or, indeed, the entire “Ring” cycle.

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