Episode 266 – The Man from Time

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We conclude our month on Frank Belknap Long by exploring TIME FEAR in The Man from Time!

Extra special thanks to our reader, Heather Klinke!

We’ll be back August 6th with The Survivor by August Derleth!

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  • wreade1872 on

    The next story Survivor is available online, i was a little worried about the legality of it but most other things on the site don’t let you download as they’re in copyright. So i’m assuming they know what they’re doing by making this one available.

  • Chris on

    Appreciate the link, I couldn’t find a (digital) copy myself.

    And of course I read every story before listening to the corresponding episode.

  • Keith on

    Regarding expanding into sci-fi pulp: oh yes, please!

    Have you seen the Golden Age of Science Fiction megapacks from Wildside? Dozens and dozens of stories for 99 cents a collection

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