Episode 270 – The Gable Window

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It’s the dog days of August Derleth month – we’re wrapping it up with The Gable Window!

Thanks to reader Jeff C. Carter, who says pick up some weird fic from author Edward M. Erdelac.

Because it’s important, here’s the trailer for The Cat from Outer Space.

We’ve got the live and comedy quiz shows from NecronomiCon all mixed and they will be going out to backers soon, followed by EVERYBODY!

Next up: Something in the Moonlight by Lin Carter.

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  • Albert on

    I am enjoying this show. I can tell you guys didn’t enjoy the story much, judging from how often you managed to change the subject to just about anything. 😀

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  • lucas espinola on

    one of lovecraft’s best and a personal favorite

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