Episode 279 – The Slithering Shadow – Part 1

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We are kicking off November with yet another excellent Robert E. Howard Conan tale – it’s The Slithering Shadow!

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Thanks to our reader, Andrew Staton, and our musician, Reber Clark. Reber is currently offering 25% off all music with code SILVERKEY!

Next week: MORE CONAN!

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  • gracieo on

    Thanks Chris for attempting to do Conan’s voice in a Schwarzenegger voice, and Chad for turning it southern. :p

  • RMadrid on

    This story reminded me of Watership Down when the rabbits came to Cowslip’s Warren. Xuthal is very much like Cowslip’s Warren in that the residents are given everything they need to survive so they turn to dreams and nihilism and Thog/the farmer just takes a few every once in a while and the residents are too complacent to do anything about it.

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