Post Comment 8 comments on “Episode 309 – The Monster of Lake LaMetrie

  • Matt on

    What a remarkably awful story. A Hollow Earth, dinosaurs that survive without their brains, and trans-species brain transplants?!

  • Wilhelm_of_coal on

    This story sounded like Alejandro Jodorowski’s Barney the Dinosaur.

  • Sellers Burgener on

    The most horrifying episode of Beanie and Cecil ever!!! No, seriously, that was one of the most entertaining shows you guys have done since Lair of the White Worm. I love the ones! It’s like Arthur Jermyn all over again!

    And by the way, you were cool with Herbert West removing a head in a field tend with the aid of f*ing CROCODILE embryo but you object to a dude putting a brain inside a dinosaur. You guys really cherrypick when it comes to suspension of disbelief! It’s hypocrisy, I tell you ?

  • Greig Johnson on

    A gritty, scientifically accurate retelling of

  • Leonca on

    Thanks for doing this one! It was the highlight of an otherwise so-so fantasy anthology I bought a few years back. It cracked me up, especially the part where the creature started singing. I’d love to know if the author was taking the idea seriously or just enjoyed letting his mind go to goofy places.

  • LordinGreen on

    This was a…a new one. But I must say, given all the crazy things Lovecraft and superhero comics have asked me to entertain, this story wasn’t so much a case, “I can’t roll with this kind of thought” so much as “What?” Anyway, it’s always good to see sea monsters. Hope to see some more intriguing developments.

  • Mike on

    This story… it sure was a story.

  • Ryan Dawson on

    Now I have this mental image of the guy riding his new dinosaur friend through the Inner Earth yelling “Woo hooooo!” while The Neverending Story plays in the background…

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