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  • Scott McCrate on

    Love the story, looking it up online I found the Wikipedia entry for the BBC adaptation circa 1971.

    Might be worth finding a copy.

  • Serenanocturna on

    According to Will Ross & Mike Taylor of the MR James Podcast “A Podcast to the Curious” in their 2012 Part 1 review of The Residence at Whitminster, Chris & Chad had indicated they would be covering some James stories, including “The Treasury of Abbot Thomas”, which you NOT done. Furthermore, as far as I’ve heard, you 2 lads haven’t even had the decency to give even a tip of the hat to Will & Mike’s awesome podcast. They’ve been wonderful in crediting you; but nothing from you two – NOT cool!
    AND while we’re at it, when are you gonna get to some truly GREAT Jame’s stories like: The Tractate Middoth, Casting the Runes, the aforementioned “Treasure”, The Ash Tree and Martin’s Close?! There’s a reason why Lovecraft was in awe of James, you know. Maybe it’s beyond your ken?

  • Serenanocturna on

    Oops! I meant “you would be covering some James stories” & “which you HAVE NOT done” – in my previous post.

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