Episode 338 – Gonna Roll the Bones

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Let the games begin! We’re kicking off 2017 with Gonna Roll the Bones by Fritz Leiber!

Thanks so much to Patton Oswalt for recommending the story – we’ll be doing listener suggestions all month!

Don’t be a loser – buy or rent Beyond the Gates now!

Special thanks to our reader, Andrew Leman. The HPLHS Dark Adventure Radio Theatre production of Brotherhood of the Beast is available now and it is hot! SNAP IT UP!

Here’s the Nicholas Whyte review of the story that we mention in the episode.

Next week: The October Game by Ray Bradbury

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  • Björn Wilmsmann on

    Beyond the Gates is only available to US customers. Please don’t promote stuff with distribution restriction. By putting up with these DRM shenanigans you’re doing both artists and their audience a disservice

  • David Larsen on

    Fritz wrote “I’m forever having to explain that it’s pronounced LYber, not LEEber, and correspondingly spelled Leiber, not Lieber. “Lieber” is a moderately common German name meaning “dear” or “lover,” and frequently, though not always, indicative of its owner being Jewish, while “Leiber” is a relatively uncommon German name with no particular meaning or indications at all (“leib” by itself means “body”).”

    – “Not Much Disorder and Not So Much Early Sex: An Autobiographic Essay”, The Ghost Light (Ace Books, 1991).

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