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  • Ryan Dawson on

    You were commenting on the show about Victor Frankenstein’s weird behavior after he raises the Creature — he freaks out, runs upstairs, and goes to bed, and then tries to pretend he has no responsibility towards the Creature. But I don’t think that’s best read literally as ‘here is a human reacting to a bizarre situation’, but rather as a commentary or takedown of Christianity’s creation story.

    According to Genesis, God created the world and everything in it over the course of five days. On the sixth day, he creates mankind, and then what does he do next? “On the seventh day, God rested.” He leaves Adam alone to figure himself out, and metaphorically runs upstairs to go to bed. And then after that, he leaves humanity alone, apparently, to more or less figure it all out as we go along. There are a few things he does in the original story after that, but I think Frankenstein’s actions after that one night are less about the Genesis story than about the lack of divine intervention in everyday life.

    I’m really split as to whether this is referencing Genesis to show how bad humans are at playing God, imperfectly mirroring his perfect actions, or directly criticizing the christian God by showing how absurdly irresponsible such actions would be if they happened within a human context.

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