Episode 351 – The Mortal Immortal

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Mary Shelley continues to haunt us as we check her story, The Mortal Immortal!

Special thanks to reader David Wildsmith, of the 7LandHand Podcast!

Something we forgot to mention on the show but is worth noting – from Wikipedia:

[The Mortal Immortal] was commissioned in 1833 for The Keepsake, a prominent literary annual which married short fiction with high-quality engraved artworks. It was one of a number of similar commissions; Shelley sold twenty-one stories to annuals over a seventeen-year period, with more than half of those in The Keepsake. For this story, Shelley was given an engraving titled Bertha, from a painting by Henry P. Briggs, showing a young man and young woman helping an elderly lady descend a staircase. She chose to write a story based around the idea of an immortal male narrator, seeing his wife both as a young woman and as the old woman she becomes.

Next week: And the Dead Spake by E.F. Benson

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