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  • Tara Murphy on

    The opening of the story led me to expect that it was going to be about his abusive relationship to his wife, but they barely interact. He seems largely indifferent to her, yet he is determined to avenge her by destroying the monster he has spent years caring for. Are we supposed to assume that she went to the cops because she found Ball Head flopping around in his cage at some point? If if she went to the cops why could they not have arranged for her to let them in, instead of going in all Mission Impossible style?

  • Tara Murphy on

    Can I make a couple of minor criticisms of the site design? The previous and next post buttons seem to be reversed. And is there any way to find previous episodes without googling them by title? It would be nice to be able to access a list within the site. I am relistening to the show and reading the stories I skipped the first go through, and it took a bit of work to figure out how to get back to the first few episodes.
    Also, I love you guys. Thank you for continuing on long past when the Lovecraft stories were exhausted. You have introduced me to a ton of cool stuff and interesting authors.

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