HPPodcraft - The Day of the Dragon

Episode 354 – The Day of the Dragon

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Folks don’t know this, but THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is a reference to The Day of the Dragon by Guy Endore!

Special thanks to our reader, Wyatt S. Gray, reader of Shadows and Teeth – check it!

Outro Music: The NeverEnding Story by Limahl, remixed by Juan ‘sf@gnum’ Rojas & cj Josh, music by G. Moroder.

Next up: The Derelict by William Hope Hodgson.

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  • Leonca on

    Oh wow. That is one of the best things you have ever read. The question is: Which is better, this with it’s brilliant goofiness, or that insane plesiosaur story that appeared to take itself seriously?

  • Reuben Clamzo on

    O.M.G. I read this as a kid! I loved it then but could never remember the title to recommend it to anyone. Hearing it back again though… Hmmm… Not exactly scientific. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories for me.

  • Arne on

    Do you know if “reign of fire” was inspired by this story or just some overlap in theme?

  • Neil de Carteret on

    If the OCR errors and multi-page formatting of the linked version are driving enyone else up the wall, I’ve put a tidied-up version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/164uRKw5SKcrXXYkyqH20P5p8Hok7awi_Mz1GSKmaNvc/edit?usp=sharing

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