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  • Jay on

    Holy shit. This is the best thing I’ve ever heard. The story is bat-shit insane and I have to say my favourite episodes of your podcast are the ones with Heather Klinke reading.

  • Rachel on

    Wow Heather, what a gorgeous reading. I was gripped from the start – lulled by the sweetness, nuance and realness, before it slowly, beautifully drifted towards lunacy. Bloody great!

    Fantastic production and scoring from Chad too. So atmospheric.

  • Anc on

    In Darkness We Are One

  • Dan Pratt on

    Beautifully done, Heather. Chilling.

  • Heather Klinke on

    Thank you all so much! I’ve loved this story for 20 years. Thank you Chad and Chris for letting me read it out loud for nice people to consume. Now, I have to excuse myself… I have something to finish in the bedroom upstairs. I feel creepy.

  • Brian Bowes on

    Outstanding! Heather, thank you so much for the case of heebie-jeebies. I will need to sleep with the lights on for a week. Your reading is crazy good! I mean, it’s crazy… but, you know, good… but it’s crazy.

  • InfinityGuardian on

    In Darkness We Are One

  • latasha on

    one of my favorites EVER!!

  • Pat Breen on

    Holy fucking shit that was great. I feel like a new born baby straight from the moms stomach.

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