Episode 378 – All Hallows

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We kick off a week of Walter de la Mare with All Hallows – tune in!

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  • Serenanocturna on

    Search online for Relic Radio website and search there for The Black Mass radio dramatization of this story All Hallows. You won’t regret it. It is an excellent performance!
    And let me say yet again: both Chris & Chad have no appreciation for the subtle, “corner of the eye” type of weird fiction, such as that which the masterful writer M.R.James did so well. It seems that our two young hosts must have an anvil dropped on their heads by invisible entities (in the ham-fisted style of the execrable Stephen King) before they can appreciate the “pleasing sort of terror” in it, to use one of James’s term of expression.
    Randy werewolves are right up their alley, but subtle, sophisticated weird fiction is right over their heads.
    They try to be insightful hosts of the weird fiction genre, but they just don’t get it. Very disappointing! =o(

  • Tara Murphy on

    Just stopping by to say I totally don’t agree with Serenanocturna’s comments. I think the guys highlight very well what is creepy about the story, and explore how the author never gives any answers, only hints at the weirdness. Also, Stephen King kicks ass. If your only goal is to strut in here and toss insults about while preening about how clever and ever-so-much-more-intelligent you are, this is not the podcast for you. Maybe start your own? Just kidding! You would be unbearable.
    Also, this is a de la Mare story, not one by James.

  • noisician on

    The guys mentioned a reading by Richard E Grant in the show.
    I didn’t find an “official” source, but here’s one on YouTube:

  • David L on

    An impartial observer will be forgiven for weighing in and noting Stephen King’s chronic condition, that of diarrhea of the typewriter. Otherwise different strokes…

  • Nadia V on

    I love King, but I’m the first to agree about King’s word diarrhea.
    This is more weird fiction, it’s written to unsettle the reader.
    I agree that the hosts might not be into these types of pleasing horrors.
    But I also think their reaction is simply human and really reflects how we react to weird things. What the hell happened is a totally valid question we read this type of story. I love that feeling, that’s what I enjoy the most when reading Lovecraft.

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