Post Comment 3 comments on “Episode 390 – The Fog Horn

  • Alejandro Molina on

    Awesome! This is one of my favorite Bradbury shorts. It also inspired one of my favorite Pokemon episodes “Mystery at the Lighthouse.”

  • Kot Samolet on

    I’ m afraid you haven’t grasped the whole hidden meaning the story, though you were really close. The lonely lighthouse keeper was hitting on the main character. The monster was a metaphor for his double loneliness. He was as desperate about the main character as the monster about the fog horn. And the guy married in the end so he didn’t actually know what to say. And here goes my personal theory: the keeper was friends with the monster and asked him to scare the handsome newbe a bit so that he might hold hands with him while hiding in a cellar. The dinosaur just overdid it a little bit.

  • Serenanocturna on

    Please, please, please, you guys! Do more analyses of Bradbury’s stories! I haven’t found any R. B. literary podcast about his works & I really think his work deserves such a discussion as you wonderful guys have done for Lovecraft. I’d love to hear discussions of your caliber regarding Bradbury’s October Country.

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