Episode 393 – Space-Time for Springers

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Curl up and tune in as we talk Space-Time for Springers by Fritz Leiber!

Special thanks to reader Andrew Leman!

This story was selected by all-around ACE Adam Alexander! Thanks for a great selection!

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Your humble hosts have their very own animal stories in the lovely anthology The Lion and the Aardvark from Stone Skin Press!

Next week: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  • Julie Davis on

    Loved the story and the discussion. I hadn’t come across this story before even though I really like Fritz Leiber. I think one thing that wasn’t really discussed enough was Gummitch’s sacrifice. It was noble and inspiring and exhibits that he is, as he said early in the story, “a man in all but form.” He makes his sacrifice specifically to save Baby but it benefits everyone in the family. And there is the irony of the final statement “his fate was to be the only kitten in the world that did not grow up to be a man,” because in his sacrifice and acceptance of the undeserved punishment that followed, Gummitch was exhibiting the most noble traits of mankind. He did not need to achieve more in his writing or other plans that were abandoned. He had reached the height of achievement already. And it is this, I think, which Fritz Leiber was commenting upon in the story.

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