Episode 402 – Tsathoggua

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We’re covering Tsathoggua by Michael Shea with special guest PATTON OSWALT!

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Post Comment 19 comments on “Episode 402 – Tsathoggua

  • Michelle on

    It IS an E-book!


  • Heather Klinke on


  • Ross on

    There’s a good chance that as Patton says, Lovecraft would have revised some of his beliefs, after all he had many of his friends and correspondents – Kleiner, Morton, Baldwin, Robert Bloch – taking him to task for his prejudices in his lifetime.

  • Ka Rolding on

    Patton Oswalt was an awesome guest. I had fun listening to this episode.

  • Erick Mertz on

    One of my favorite episodes of the show’s entire, glorious run. Not just Patton Oswalt’s inclusion, but the story, the enthusiasm, etc… Great work.

  • Erick Mertz on

    PS — I cannot find a “cheap” print version of the collection referred to in the podcast. Any recommendations?

  • David S. on

    Patton Oswalt’s needlessly insulting description of the woman who helped him find Lovecraft’s grave marker left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope she never listens to this.

  • S.F. on

    Nice episode, I found Patton Oswalt maddeningly annoying though. I suppose that means I get to experience an extra foreboding sense of doom when reading for the future episode, lol. All jokes aside, great work as always.

  • Joe peterson on

    I’m a long time fan, but sorry guys, this episode was unlistenable with all the profanity and political rants. I hope that never happens again

  • "Decisive" Dougie Scott on

    I prefer Chad’s Maxie to Patton’s Maureen.

  • T.E. Ogden on

    While I will agree that hppodcraft is a sacred thing and politics have no place here, Patton Oswalt did bring some choice literary recommendations and thoughtful analysis to the episode. I have a feeling even if you held a gun to his head and told him not to get political you would be cleaning up his brain matter within the first five minutes though. Still, one of my favorite episodes yet and great story choice!

  • hppodcraft on

    ‘Political Rants?’ Could you be more specific? Patton is very politically vocal, but in this episode, I felt we kept politics well out of it. Maybe I missed something. As for the profanity, we kept it in. Maybe a wrong call, but it felt more natural that way.

  • Tara Murphy on

    Don’t change a thing about Patton! He was great, and you guys were clearly having a blast. I love that he is a fan of you guys and of H.P. He knows his stuff. You can’t please everyone but I thought it was great. I could not believe the show was an hour. It flew by! Great story too.

  • Tara Murphy on

    Also, keep in the cursing. 🙂

  • Laura on

    Great episode! The “politics” aspect was handled well and I’ve been inspired to read more of this author’s work. The only off key bit for me was, as David pointed out, the randomly mean description of the woman at the cemetery.

  • Nadia V on

    Great episode! Very interesting discussion about Tsathoggua, I learned quite a bit.
    The ”political” rant went over my head. Don’t change anything. There were curse words?
    I’ve never heard of the green book, it’s so disturbing.

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