Episode 438 – The Canal

We’re kicking off Creature Feature February with vampire tale The Canal by Everil Worrell!

Special thanks to our excellent reader Kari Goetz!

PLEASE don’t read versions of this story online, because they’ve all been man-edited by absolute D-BAG August Derleth.

Next up: The Kill by Peter Fleming

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  • Ben sawyers on

    just looking for the link the the archived or directors cut version of the Night Wire

  • Ben sawyers on

    I just referred to the Night Wire, I meant The Canal

  • Jeff Wrench on

    Here’s a link to what I think is Everil Worrell’s original version of “The Canal” in Weird Tales (PDF):

  • David Malcolm Sommer on

    I once worked with a relative of August Derleth on a temp job; nice guy. He pronounced it “der-LEETH.”

    I told him I was thankful to his relative for introducing Lovecraft to a wider audience. I didn’t tell him what I thought of August Derleth’s own writing!

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