Episode 434 – The Screwfly Solution

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Listen in as we discuss The Screwfly Solution by Raccoona Sheldon!

Special thanks to our reader Heather Klinke!

This author is actually Alice B. Sheldon, also known as James Tiptree, Jr. Check out her story on NPR. 

Attack of the Crab Monsters by Lawrence Raab.

Cute Aggression! 

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  • Bobwhite on

    Great story, incredibly bleak and scary…but “relevant” and “important in these times”? Oh come now. Nothing happening now in either the US or the UK is even in the ballpark of the horror that happened in that story. Can we get back to fun stuff? You obviously think the Bad Orange Man will drag us all into a nightmare dimension of horror.

  • Daniel R. on

    The previous comment seems pretty darn naive to me–considering the overzealous acceptance of certain behaviors on the Right in our country. We voted into office a man who blithely and proudly admitted to sexual assault, after all. From there, behavior has not improved. People have simply dismissed the importance of decorum and compassion–there is no longer any thing that’s disallowed. I can imagine all sorts of “next things” that just three years ago would have been unimaginable in this country. We live in a scary time and this story is incredibly relevant for all the reasons Chad suggests–the school shootings are, sadly, a perfect analogy. How on earth could reasonable people be okay with it?

    Great show, and, as always, great insights, fellows.

  • Jack McCoy on

    That is quite the strawman Daniel Ryan. While sexual assault is bad, gendercide is a long shot from it and all the more grievous. Nevertheless Trump never *admitted* to sexual assault, as he *thought* his advances were welcomed. This story was entertaining and thought provoking, but to call it anywhere close to what is happening in America is hyperbole meant to divide. People need to recognize that half this country thinks differently than the other and vilifying the other half is dangerous ignorance.

    Anyways, regardless of the politics, I enjoy this podcast so keep up the good work guys!

  • John S. on

    @Daniel R. “We live in a scary time”
    As opposed to all other times, which were fear-free. Gotta love platitudes. It would be fun to make Daniel live in 1942. Or 1842. Or any other time.

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