Episode 458 – The Pool

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Patton Oswalt is back to talk Michael Shea in the summer party classic The Pool!

Warning: some language and themes not appropriate for younger listeners.

Don’t forget to pick up your copies of The Ghost Box and The Ghost Box II from Hingston and Olsen! You deserve it!

Can’t get an affordable copy of Copping Squid? Check out Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Shea!

Next up this month: On the Slab by Harlan Ellison

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  • Bill Burdick on

    Hey guys, I’m having trouble finding any audio books for Michael Shea’s mythos stories. Do you, or perhaps Patton Oswalt, know anyone who is A) skilled at dramatic reading, B) a Michael Shea fan?

    Eh? Eh?

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