Episode 500!

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We’ve put together a very special variety show to honor our milestone podcast, featuring guests Kenneth Hite, Grieg Johnson, Heather Klinke, Rachel Lackey, and… Andrew Leman?

Featuring the voice talents of Levi Nunez and Chris Sarandon!

And for the first time in 25 years, a world premiere performance by the greatest goth band of all time, PITCH BLACK MANOR!! For early access to their upcoming album MONSTER CLASSICS – email us at PitchBlackManor@gmail.com!

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  • Ryan Thomas on

    If Paul Lynde, Charo, and Vincent Price really made an appearance, it’d be like a Hollywood Squares reunion. The humor is about the same 🙂 As I re-listened to the 500th episode, the words of Grieg Johnson ring true, “you guys are good company.” I similarly will listen to episodes again. Curiously, Lackey and Klinke pointed out to me that Chris Sarandon introduces this episode– another user of “Golly”, and, good gravy, here Mr. Johnson calls Lackey out as indeed having a catch phrase. Very entertaining. “Your show is like pulling a sock out of a dog– every time.”

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