Episode 518 – The Hound of Death

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Special thanks to patron Stewart Huntsman, who put us on the scent of The Hound of Death by Agatha Christie!

Music from this episode is by Repairer of Reputations from the new album Millvale ’02!

And while you’re grabbing that, don’t forget your Halloween soundtrack MONSTER CLASSICS!

Extra special thanks to reader Kayla Murphy!

Next up: Christie’s The Call of Wings 

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  • Ryan Thomas on

    Dear Chris, This comment has nothing to do with this episode, and all to do with a connection of linguistics between you and actor Chris Sarandon. This may be of interest to listeners as Mr. Sarandon was in Lovecraft-inspired “The Resurrected”. During a Washington D.C. Con fest Q&A about “The Princess Bride” that I watched on Youtube, Mr. Sarandon frequently used the expression “Golly” . It pleased me as another “Golly” user, and I thought it might tickle you, too.

  • hppodcraft on

    Check out the beginning of episode 500:) Mr. Sarandon has read for the show and is a friend.

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