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  • David Malcolm Sommer on

    The “fixed up” version of this story that appears in The Voyage of the Space Beagle is much improved over the original. I’d recommend that book for anyone curious about van Vogt. It’s enormously influential in the field of science fiction. (It was so clearly the inspiration for Star Trek, for instance, that one wonders why van Vogt didn’t sue Gene Roddenberry instead of the producers of the less-similar movie Alien.)

    The denial of SFWA Grand Master status to van Vogt until 1996 was largely due to the efforts of trick-ending jockey Damon Knight (“To Serve Man”). Knight wrote of van Vogt:
    “He’s not a giant as often maintained. He’s only a pygmy using a giant typewriter.” It’s perhaps a measure of Knight’s own writing talent that this attempted insult misfires so badly. A pygmy using a giant typewriter is way more interesting than a plain old giant!

  • Thomas Swafford on

    At David Malcolm. Harlan Ellison included one of Knight’s stories in an anthology. He did so he said because of the quality of the work, but said that Knight was basically an ass. Ellison related how Knight was at a party with his wife and went into a rant and reduced her to tears.

  • Cthulhulemon on

    The coeurl is a reoccurring enemy in the Final Fantasy video game series and is usually depicted as a large feline with long tentacle/whiskers that it uses to attack and cast spells. Although they’re never black like the Black Destroyer, the coeurls in Final Fantasy XII has Cthulhu-like squid heads. In most of the games the coeurls can use an ability called Blaster which does high damage and can instantly kill a player. They can also cause paralysis or turn a player to stone.

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