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  • Michael Carnright on

    Catching up on all the stores loving it! The tall beavers in “The Street” were beaver hats ?

  • Michael Carnright on

    Enjoying catching up on this podcast. Concerning “The Street” the street collapsing on the bad guys reminds me of the poem “The One Hoss Shay” By Oliver Wendell Holmes. But Lovecraft makes much better use of this 😀

  • Amy Cueto on

    I got a two week prescreening to Aquaman for being an Amazon prime member so got to see a call out to our favorite author. In the beginning of the movie they’ll do a close up on a snow globe on top of books. The book on top made me giddy! And the story they chose fit perfectly to the premise of the movie. And there’s also a creature. Just wanted you to know. Have fun it’s a cheesy fun movie!!!!

  • emmet on

    will you be doing anymore of the free readings? i really enjoyed the few you had up would subscribe but alas ive no bank account or credit card

  • Jim Billbrough on

    Hello C&C, will you guys be performing at the 2019 NecronomiCon in Providence?
    Just saw a Facebook post about tickets gong on sale on January 25.

  • Nils Henriksson on

    Hi chris and Chad. I really enjoy your podcast and the readings are great. I loved the bits that Andrew Leman read for the episodes on the Dunwitch Horror. Its one of my favorite lovecraft stories and it would be fantastic to hear a full reasing of it. Is that something that you have considered doing? Keep up the work! /Nils in Sweden

  • John W on

    If you haven’t already started making this episode yet there is a complete reading of:
    In Amundsen’s Tent by John Martin Leahy narrated by Edward E. French
    available over on YouTube

    He seems like a good guy, with some great readings of pulp, horror, mystery, science fiction and classic stories. I think the existing recording would make for great clips, but I bet he’d would be up for working with you guys on some originals.

    He’s covered plenty of Lovecraft and he’s working in the film industry in makeup.

  • Jesper Hauerslev on

    Hi guys, big fan of your podcast. How come it’s not available via Spotify though? 🙁

  • hppodcraft on

    Recent changes to wordpress have messed up our feed. We’re looking into it!

  • Penny on

    Hello Gents – I’ve recently found your podcast and I’m enjoying it. I’m looking into the older releases to get some more info on Lovecraft himself. However, I have a question I hoped you could help me with. Specifically, I’m not sure if I can identify “Lovecraftian” horror – per se. I recently read The Monstrumologist (Rick Yancey 2009) and it seemed like the kind of fiction Lovecraft would write. However, it didn’t feel quite right. Is this more weird fiction than Lovecraftian horror? I loved the Gothic monster edge, but it didn’t have the cosmic element tied to it. I’m I being a Lovecraft snob?

  • D on

    Just a quick line, I can’t seem to find you guys on the Podcast Addict app for some reason.

  • Tony Ciak on

    I was surprised when my pod catcher got an adult cast from The Weird Tales Podcast—-“One Small, Valuable Thing, by Chad Fifer

  • Rion on

    Hey Guys,

    We’re a group of filmmakers in Denver who are trying to expand our fan base and try to do adaptions of HPL stories or our own set within his universe. We’re trying to expand our fan base through grass roots and would ultimately like to build a platform where fans could submit ideas and we could in cooperate them into films.

    I was curious if it’d be possible for you guys to give us a shout out on social media just to draw attention to our channel? We’re growing and just would like a little help from bigger fish in the pond.

    We’re hoping to build our YT platform ( as a portfolio for a future pitch at a feature funding.

    We have some stickers of our brand (on Instagram we are “creepy_tv_channel” and if you’d like a few, we’d love to send some to you guys.

    If not, no worries!

    Rion Smith
    Creepy TV, Owner

  • Ian Jones on

    Hey guys. As an H. P. Lovecraft fan, I have been listening to you from day one. I am a writer who is making way in the comic book industry who would like to make a serious Lovecraft series set in the 1950s. I have a phenomenal artist from Argentina who totally gets Lovecraftian horror and is ready to jump into making, in my opinion, the first true comic series based on Lovecraft’s more non-religious views.. As two people who also get the Lovecraft thing, I would love to talk to you about getting something going to bring Howard’s true vision to life. You can see other examples of my work on my site

  • Gilles Poitras on

    Japanese literature inspired by Lovecraft which may interest you.

  • Andre Michael Pietroschek on


    I am another hobby author and former Call of Cthulhu gamemaster, who wrote some minor stuff. One file is for sale, the second is cost-free for all!

    I am only in pre-production of turning my stories and narrations into podcasts, but such may follow. Usually I just can’t pay their fees. 😉

    My regards


  • flames on


    I collaborate in a crowdfunding project with lovecraft themes.

    In a short time the project will be available in the kickstarter platform, besides being already available in verkami, if you are interested I leave you a link to the author’s project and a promotional video.

    I hope you like it a lot and collaborate in the dissemination of the project, we would greatly appreciate it.

    All help is welcome, especially we seek to promote the project among friends and get the best word of mouth possible.

  • flames on

    Finally, the day has arrived, the crowdfunding has started on the kickstarter platform, the countdown begins …

  • E T Costello on

    Hi gents, back-handed compliment that it may be, I’m planning on shoplifting your model and perverting it to the discussion of classic erotica. I’ve bagged my url and am easily months away from actually doing anything, but wanted to ask you – if you don’t mind – what your recommendations would be for starter equipment – how do you do the presenters-in-separate-places thing for example?



  • Andre Michael Pietroschek on

    Last night I had some short, appreciated mailing with Julie Hoverson, and I am really still a fan of this:

    It is a legally cost-free audiodrama (not mere audiobook) of the Dunwich Horror in 4 parts (bit more than 2 hours playtime at regular speed). Enjoy!

  • Oswen on

    I love your podcast so much it’s amazing. You should do a review of “I have no mouth and I must scream”

  • Mark on

    Hey C+C=great podcast,

    You’re lack of coverage of “The Insanity of Jones” is and egregious injustice that will be rectified in another lifetime.

    Your peon from another eon,

  • Rick on

    Before leaving HPL completely you should do an episode on “Sweet Ermengarde”. It’d be hilarious.

  • Finder of Cool Things on

    Is there a physical mail address? PO box or something? I’ve come across a physical artifact that you might find inspiring (it’s not alive, or likely to cause debilitating madness, just printed matter.)

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