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  • Chris Hayden on

    Can a guy subscribe without using PayPal?

  • James on

    I just listened to your discussion of “The Tree & The Cats of Ulthar”.

    During the discussion you mentioned that “It’s time for another Tree story.”

    There is a bit of a tie-in to this.
    The esteemed SF writer Gene Wolfe wrote a novel called “An Evil Guest” which is overtly set in a Lovecraftian world (he dedicates the novel to Lovecraft). There is a huge powerful sea alien that has called Earth his home over 100,000 years. He’s called the “Storm God”. Other aliens are allowed to come to Earth as refugees but they are prohibited from openly revealing themselves to the Storm God’s “cattle”. But the Storm God himself has some kind of indirect relations with human governments and direct relations with various human cults.

    So here’s the tie-in. Wolfe wrote a short story (probably before the novel) that is set in the same world and the same South Seas island setting called “The Tree Is My Hat”. Like “The Tree” it is a strange story with an unstated subplot (as Wolfe is inclined to do).

    I wondered, when I read “The Tree” whether it might illuminate “The Tree Is My Hat”. Unfortunately, I did not identify any parallels beyond the obscurity of the story and backstory.

  • Z.R Shaffer on

    4K? Seriously. A Kickstarter for 4K? You guys should’ve just asked me outright. I make that in a day. Everyday. Sorry for being an arrogant piece of shit, but I would’ve been more than willing to help.

    Lovecraft is very important to me, and I feel bad I couldn’t have funded the whole thing.

  • Ronald St. Pierre on

    Dear Chad and Chris,

    Curiously enough I too just re-read “The Tree.” I am going to be a panelist at the Lovecraft Convention in Providence in August and to prepare I am re-reading all of Lovecraft’s original stories. Another tree story you might want to read is Caitlin R. Kiernan’s The Red Tree. She will be at the convention as well.

    For your information, after I re-read a story, I go and listen to your pod cast about it and some of the pod casts are totally funny to listen to and you guys have great insights as well.

    I hope to meet the both of you in Providence, I did contribute to the Kick-starter to pay your travel expenses. I know some great restaurants there as well. I lived in Providence many years and was raised in nearby Pawtucket.

    Take care guys,

    Ron St. Pierre

  • Nosferatu Cthulhu Zodd on

    Dear Chad and Chris,

    You guys are awesome!
    My interest in Lovecraft literature started from the guys over at the “Stuff you should know” podcast when they read “The Tomb” in one of their shows. But while i can say they were the ones that started my interest into the stories of Lovecraft, you guys were the ones to strengthen and allow my interest to transform into a great flourishing appreciation for the writings of this champion of weird fiction know as Lovecraft. For this I thank you and look forward to listening to the rest of your shows.

    If you were to do a Ransom for the complete Reading of “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” I will donate handsomely for its release FYI

  • The joey Zone on

    Hey Chris & Chad =) Please send a short (1-2 paragraph) bio for each of You for The NecronomiCon-Providence Program Guide. JUST saw Niels’ post on Your *successful* Kickstarter so since YOU’re attendees they should be *included*. Cheers to YE too, Messr. St. Pierre =)

    Thank You
    Joe Shea aka The joey Zone
    Asst Program Guide Editor

  • Brent Clark on

    Hi Guys.
    Whilst I must confess I haven`t listened to every episode of the H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcast,I am however a huge fan! Just wondered if you had ever considered doing an episode on Alan Moore`s interpretation/contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos. My dream episode would be him sitting down with you guys discussing his various Lovecraft themed works ( The Courtyard,Neonomicon,the Yuggoth Cultures ect).Besides being generally awesome,this could make a timley,topical show,given a recent article which stated Moore`s intention to write a prequel to the Neonomicon!!
    Keep up the good work guys!

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!!

    B Clark Esq.

  • Todd Gerring on

    Just listened to The Mummy’s Foot and I have to say that you DO NOT want incense that smells like a mummy. While they aren’t exactly stinky they definately have a strange odor. We have two mummies in our collections at the Kelsey Museum where I work and I can tell you that mummies do not smell like myrrh and scented oils – even a mummy’s foot no matter how beautiful it is!


  • mark on

    Hi guys, long time listener and i must say your awesome, this podcast introduced me to the world of Arkham, Cthulhu and the Waits family so for that i thank you both. Im not sure if i ever heard you mention a lovecraft movie comedy that is out i have heard you mention Dagon but not this one its called The last lovecraft relic of cthulhu i found it on a shelf in best buy i thought to myself “what would HPL do?” since i was in a crowded store fainting was out of the question so i bought it. It is hilarious and you can tell its made by fans a real labor of love check it out youll love it.Thanks so much for all your hard work on the podcast guys.

  • Gaby on

    Dear Chad and Chris,

    I had a brilliant idea for your show as I was looking for podcast to subscribe to(subscribe to for free that is) on the iTunes store. My idea was that you guys should put your podcast onto iTunes. Then I thought wait a minute, most of H.P. Lovecraft Literary podcast shows are for members only. Then I thought, so why don’t they put it on iTunes, but only put the shows that are free and for everybody not just members and also put the free for everybody parts of the other shows that only have part of it for everyone (free) and all of it for members only. So that is my brilliant idea for your podcast.

  • Sean on

    “H.P. Lovecraft, where are you now that we need you?” -Terence McKenna

  • Fred Lubnow on

    Hey Chris and Chad:
    Just wanted to drop you a line and say what a great time we had at your Live show at the Necronomicon. Andrew’s reading of the “Fungi of Yuggoth” was incredible and the show was very entertaining. Great job and congratulations. Looking forward to more podcasts!

  • RG on

    In the podcast for The Moon Bog, how many others think the toad/frog things were the people turned into said things?

    Lovecraft made it clear that the last one in was the fat cook and then highlighted that there was one specific fat toad.

    I could be wrong, but I’m hoping it’s not just my imagination. lol.

    Thanks for the work, guys!!! Love the shows!

  • Anthony J. Giasi on

    I am having problems retrieving my password to I checking on the lost password button and entering my email address (same as above) but it never gets sent. Please reset my password and send me the temporary one, so that I can enter a new one that I can remember.

  • Peter Hammil on

    Dear my Fifer and Lackey. I am a witch house media subscriber who was trying to update my credit and buy a new subscription. Paypal said there was an issue with witch house media’s address. Just letting you know.

  • joseph lambert on

    Hey if edgar allan poe didnt exist would there be a howard phillips lovecraft and if there was what would he be like?

  • Alvin Simmons on

    I just started listening to your podcast several months ago and I’m trying to catch up. Previously I had only read a couple of HP Lovecraft’s stories, but your podcasts renewed my interest and also introduced me to numerous of his great pieces that I’ve never read. Thank you guys for all your effort, though you two really make it sound like fun too, which is another reason I keep listening in. I finally made my way to your website and joined in to support, as I appreciate the impact you’re making.

    I recently finished podcast #107, Shadow Out of Time, part 4, and was wondering the name of the group providing the song at the end. I really liked the sound and couldn’t easily find their name.

    Best regards,

    ~ Alvin

  • hppodcraft on

    The band is called The Human Aftertaste, and the song is called Lazer Gun.

  • Chelsea on

    Hey fellaz, happy Demaupacember!

    So, long time lurker and also Andrew Leman fan, (glad to see him back!) and I’m a huge geek for your show, always telling my friends about you. I had never heard of Guy de Maupassant before you but have loved what I’ve heard so far, very much looking forward to the rest of the month.

    Just making sure, since it’s that time of the season and all, that you guys have heard Norm Sherman’s infamous “Twas the Night” Lovecraft-Santa spoof poem.
    It’s Creative Commons so free to use. Always thought it was hilarious, you guys should totally play it at the end of an episode.
    Keep up the Cthiller work, you make my commute go by so much quicker and I don’t know where I’d be without you!


  • Paul Meagher on

    Hey gents, I’ve been enjoying your show for the last few months, (overdosing on the weird tale from time to time). One issue with your subscription service: is there a way to download and save the files, or can they only be heard streaming? I enjoy downloading the iTunes podcasts to my iPod, which I haven’t been able do do with the subscription service on the Witch House site. Can you advise if it’s possible to download the files so I can put them on my iPod?

  • hppodcraft on

    In the Member Info tab, there is a token URL that is individual to you. You can plug this into iTunes and it will download your podcasts automatically.

  • nick on

    I absolutely adore this site, but I was wondering: is there and way to see what premium content you get with a subscription? For example: are there more full readings?
    sorry if that has been answered before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    t with a subscription? For example: are TH????

  • David on

    I just discovered your podcast about a week ago. Have you ever or will you ever do the story THE DARK BROTHERHOOD.? It is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories.
    David, Urbana, Illinois

  • Fawndolyn Valentine on

    Hi guys! I’m pretty new to your podcast, but I’ve been listening the past few episodes (and just now downloaded a bunch more to catch up.

    Have you ever thought of covering Thomas Ligotti’s “The Last Feast of Harlequin”? It was my favourite from the American Gothic Tales collection.

  • Chris on

    Why are the full story readings not on Itunes? i can only find -the -temple and -the Hound.

    great podcast guys.

  • rray on

    Great job on the “drowning in sand” reading!

  • Jason Hawkins on

    So glad I found this podcast. And while I find it very insightful,I hope you don’t mind what I really like it for… the riffing. As I am a huge fan of B movies, I am also a lover of HPL. And you guys are, in my opinion,the MST3K of pulp literature! Your podcast is EXTREMELY entertaining. Keep up the great work, I wish I had discovered you much earlier. Cheers!

  • Chris on

    Had a dream that me and chad were in a departure lounge. He had a massive ginger Afro and moustache and was stealing a painting. I woke up before anything serious happened.

    I’ll add that it was thanks to the MR James podcast I found you. I loved how they did things, wanted to find something similar and there you were… Now I’m a lovecraft fan but I’ll be honest, I’m more a fan of you two… It’s a great show, I can’t help my addiction and insist you keep going even if you do every horror story ever written. I look forward to your 50 shades special in 80 years… Haha… As you’re venturing into stoker now, maybe king’s IT, Could follow. It’s a massive story but the way you guys handle books would be really interesting. If not. Just do whatever, I’ll be listening.

    Thanks guys

  • Vince on

    Love the show. Just added a link on our site!

  • Timothy J. Braden on

    Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I’ve never been able to get into Lovecraft before because, to be honest, his language and structure lose me. I get lost and confused and miss details. Even broad important ones. You guys do an amazing job of breaking it down and giving it to me straight. I may not like his writing style, but I’ve learned to LOVE the world he’s created. It sets my imagination on fire and leaves so much room for personal interpretation and development. He truly created a playground for his audience. I am wondering where you guys get the audio readings of his stories? I get the idea you record them yourselves. Do you happen to sell them or know where I can buy them? You have a few up on the site, but are there more. I have been downloading whatever readings I can find and listening to them and then your podcasts at work and what you offer far exceeds even the audio reedings I have bought on iTunes. Keep up the great work.

  • Timothy J. Braden on

    Op. Never mind. I found it. iiiiI found it. They are available through membership. Awesome! Thanks again!

  • t linn on

    I want subscribe but I will not submit to paypal; do I have an alternative?

  • James Tavenner on

    I love the podcast, and have been listening since the beginning. However, I have missed all the episodes since you stopped posting to iTunes, simply because I don’t want to use Paypal. (my card was stolen last time I did) Is there another option for paying? I have money! Please take it!

  • Inner Prop on

    I can’t download the older (free) shows from the site anymore. Is the problem on my end or something you guys did?

  • James on

    Love the podcast, hate the website. If you want people to subscribe, you should improve the user interface. Not everyone who likes podcasts is super computer literate. Some of us are old people :).
    For one, Paypal only? Really? And now that I actually signed up for Paypal (which I swore I would never do again) and paid my money, I get locked out, and still can’t get access to my content until sometime yesterday. Extremely frustrated with this garbage.

  • Adam Sawyer on

    I’m trying to download the older episodes on iTunes but it looks like they’re no longer available in the U.S. store.

  • Logan on

    Hi guys,

    Just want to say you’re doing a great job and your podcast has reached me all the way in South Africa.

    Keep it up.

    Thank you for a great podcast.

  • R. SPanjers on

    Second that motion to be able to pay without using Paypal. It has been the only thing stopping me to subscribe to you guys.



  • Adam on

    I was delighted to discover your podcast during a long work trip about a year ago. Since then, I’ve lamented every day my criminally-late start and now I regret the fact that I’m nearing the halfway point towards exhausting each morsel of H.P. Lovecraft goodness that you’ve offered to the public. Although we’ve never met, I consider you all to be ephemeral chums in the same way that one would project friendship onto a favorite celebrity.

    This podcast has been great entertainment and has had an enormously healthy impact on my writing.

    I want to thank you all for the services you’ve offered.

  • Katie on

    What podcast app do you all use that supports the member content? I’m a member, but I can’t get all the podcasts on my phone.

  • Elliott on

    I enjoyed the William Hope Hodgson season on Carnaki the Ghost Finder. In my opionion you missed out on the best of the stories – “The Hog.”

    Might I suggest at some time in the future you do the more cosmic horror of “The House on the Borderland” currently being done as a reading on BBC Radio 4 Extra and available for the next 20 days or so:

  • Anthony Birdsong on

    I get the following message when trying to subscribe. Is there a temporary closure for subscribing? “User registration is currently not allowed.”

  • hppodcraft on

    Membership is temporarily closed. We should have it up and running again soon!

  • Tom on

    If you are looking for a sea-monster story and don’t mind something more modern, try The Ocean and All Its Devices, by William Browning Spencer. Synopsized as “The proprietor of a seaside resort puzzles over the yearly off-season pilgrimage of a curiously solemn couple and their fey child.” I can promise unholy bargains and a good monster at the end.

  • Louis Cypher on

    I love your podcast you guys and would dig seeing you guys do more stuff. I’d say I listen to your podcast more than any other next to the Yogspod. It’s really inspiring to see two friends who graduated high school together and live in separate countries still do so much together. I just graduated high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps and hopefully I’ll still keep in touch with my pals. Anyways keep up the good work and cheers.

  • Amanda on

    Is it possible to purchase the book readings on CDs as audiobooks?

  • Roby Duncan on

    What is your take on contemporary or recent Mythos fiction stories?
    I know you guys rock the hell out of older Mythos-related material, but have you ever considered Stross’s Laundry Files material, or Colder War, or perhaps any of Lumley’s Titus Crow material?
    I know it is very… um… modern, but it is still arguably an extension of the greater work?
    Or, from a totally different direction, philosopher Graham Harman’s “Weird Realism- Lovecraft and Philosophy” text, which is kind of amazeballs.

    You may have addressed this in other places, and apologies if I missed it, but I thought I should ask.

    At any rate LOVE the podcast, and have spent countless hours in the acoustic company of you two. Your work is much appreciated, and I hope you’re still enjoying what you’re doing.


  • Jonathan Stiers on

    Check this out guys. Looks like a baby elder thing!

  • Sean Sunser on

    The new site is looking great guys but your buttons for previous and next post seem to be a bit counter intuitive. The previous post button would typically move to a post that is older while yours moves you to a more recent post. Just thought I would suggest swapping those. Happy New Year 2017!!

  • juan del valle on

    TIME TO TALK ABOUT GOOD STORIES. THE LATER EPISODES WERE MORE CR@PPY THAN CREEPY. READ THESE: Vinum Sabbati – Arthur Machen, M.R. James – Casting the Runes, Edward Lucas White, Lukundoo AND MAKE FRANKENSTEIN at once. CHEERS

    PD: the interpretation of laky about october game is wrong and chad is right, plus the willows is really good and I want a big shout out in your podcast

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